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Cleaning Windows – Best Solutions

Cleaning Windows – Best Solutions

One summer I decided to clean my outside windows, using an old ladder I knew wasn’t that safe. It would suffice this time and I’d never use it again. The ladder never got used again, after I fell off backwards onto the cement driveway. A neighbor found me lying there all bloody and called the ambulance. I spent 4 days in a trauma unit at a cost of $13,000!

It just so happens my next door neighbor who once before had offered to loan me her steam cleaning machine came by after I was home convalescing. She brought me delicious chicken soup, and to tell me her husband wanted to clean my windows as a favor.

I was amazed to see how standing firmly on the ground he was able to reach up and get every inch of the window, pretty cool, and he wasn’t going to end up in the hospital like me.

It actually looked like fun, it seemed so effortless. Something else which was obvious was how sparkling the windows looked no streaks like I would usually get when using regular window cleaners. I would often find myself repeating the process over and over wiping and scrubbing with towels or newspapers which of course makes your hands black in the end.

Steam is just water so no chemicals or oily film left behind. The steam is hot enough to eliminate hard water marks, bug tracks, you name it, they also seen to stay cleaner longer.

The following spring I didn’t have to think twice, I bought a steam machine, and off to clean my windows I went.

The steamer has a squeegee attachment, and a brush for scrubbing away the grime then you simply squeegee away the remaining moisture. No smudges or residue left at all.

You can easily reach the windows all the way to the top by adding extension wands while standing on the floor, eliminating leftover water droplets with a micro fiber cloth. Every window is shiny, streak-free and clean all in a flash.

So instead of risking life and limb hanging on a ladder, and then smearing different concoctions (I’ve tried vinegar and even alcohol) I realized the answer was not to get used to dirty windows, the answer was steam. Then, I can go back to enjoying looking out on my beautiful garden.…

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Types of Window Replacement

Types of Window Replacement

If you’re not yet familiar with what replacement windows are, they are the windows that are mounted in pre-existing window frame. The main advantage of having new windows is that they work better in changing climate conditions. Replacement Windows are effective in conserving energy. They are resilient, long lasting and simple to wash and maintain. If you plan to get a windows replacement, there are many things you have to consider; these are the budget, life span of the window and which windows replacement in the market will best suite your home. Here are other factors to consider:

Durability. It is said that wood is simply the best among all types of as it naturally supplies a timeless visual look. Along with wood, aluminum also possesses this quality. Although vinyl windows are the most in-demand, they aren’t recognized for their durability and resistance because they only last for several months. However, it’s advisable to use vinyl replacement windows if you are planning to relocate after a period of time. Colors and designs are the things to consider in deciding the best vinyl windows replacement.

Types. There are five basic types of windows replacement and these are aluminum, awning, casement, double hung, and vinyl replacement windows. Among these types, double hung are the most well known in terms of durability, worth and simple maintenance. This type of window replacement may be used in bedrooms and family area while the casement type can only be used in the kitchen where there is continuous airflow.

Cost. Based on reviews, wooden replacement windows are the most expensive compared with the other types. But, if you want something that will last for a long time, then wood replacement windows are the best choice. Aside from its quality, it can definitely endure any weather conditions. On the other hand, vinyl is the cheapest, has more variety of colors and patterns than other windows.

Based on the above description and tips, it’s clear that wood as well as vinyl are the best performing window type in the market today. Opt for the one that will suite your taste and budget. With the numerous ranges offered in the market, it’s without a doubt that you’re going to get what you deserve!…

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Making Your Windows Energy Efficient

Making Your Windows Energy Efficient

Energy efficient vinyl windows are the best solution if you want to lower the heat losses in your home. The US Department of Energy stated that energy-efficient windows can reduce heating or cooling costs by as much as 20 to 30%. If you want to save some money this winter and you can’t afford vinyl window replacement, here are some tips to improve the energy efficiency of your windows.

How to improve the energy-efficiency of your windows depends on what kind of windows you have. Old windows need more work and attention. Try to locate possible leaks. One way to do that is to light a candle near the window flame and if it flickers or goes out, then you need some vinyl window repair, which you can do it yourself. Apply removable caulk around fissures surrounding your windows and doors and wipe away any excess. If you’ve done this before and there is old caulk around your windows, remove and replace it. It is best to do this on a dry day, if you really want energy efficient vinyl windows. You can also use exterior paint over the wood filter for extra protection.

Living in a cold environment may require some extra protection for your home, such as replacing your screens with storm windows. This is an alternative if you’re not currently looking for vinyl window replacement. The recommended ones are fiberglass, wood and vinyl. Aluminum frames are for warm climates, so don’t let yourself fooled by a smaller price. If you’re on a restricted budget ask your home improvement retailer for some advice: Which one is the best, but also fits your budget.

Working on your energy efficient windows should take a few hours. time you can’t compare with the satisfaction you’ll feel when you’ll see that small energy bill. Remember that sealing your windows, doors, walls and even attic is the road to some nice savings.

If you rather go with vinyl window replacement, here are some types of windows and their features to make your search easier:

Ultramaxx or Sheffield

– Exclusive triple lift rails make operation easy

– Full-capture sill protects from air and water infiltration

– Quad 4 weatherstripping at the header and sill

– Triple barrier weatherstripping at all sash points

– Hidden screen track produces clean lines

Excalibur or Excalibur II

– Fully extruded lift rail adds strength, durability and ease of operation

– Sloped sill forces water to drain to the exterior

– Hidden screen track produces clean lines

– Protective hollow bulb seal at the sill for added weather protection

Fairfield 70 or Fairfield 80

– 2-5/8″ frame depth and integral nailing fin with 1-3/8″ or 7/8″ fin setback for compatibility with wood, vinyl and stucco applications

– A 1-3/8″ J-channel and stucco flange option is also available

– 3/4″ insulated single-strength glass with warm edge spacer technology for energy-efficiency

– Integral J-channel

– Precision-welded frame and sash for strength and energy-efficiency

– Removable fiberglass …

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Home Window Repair: How To Prepare For This

Home Window Repair: How To Prepare For This

Our windows provide us the view to the world. It also provides protection against temperature changes brought about by different seasons. At the same time, it likewise protects us from unwanted individuals. It is, therefore, important that we take care of it. If our window is broken, it does not only change the character of our house, it also gives us lesser protection from outsiders. If you’re getting your windows fixed, here are some things that you can do to prepare for it:

First, you have to gather the necessary tools or equipment needed for the repair of the window. Examples of these are:

1. Tape measure – this tool will help you get the appropriate size of your window and glass replacement

2. Screwdriver or a crowbar – to help you take the window apart

3. Pry bar

4. Knife

Identify the problem – this is the key step to window maintenance and repair. Don’t wait for the window to be fully damaged before you check it. A simple crack can cause a lot of damage during a storm. A simple crack can let burglars in. A simple crack can injure you and your children. Check your window pane as well as other parts of the window. Assess if it correctly opens and closes. Remember that window repair may not always be major. Sometimes, you just have to oil the hinges or replace a seal.

Correct Measurements – this is why you need a good tape measure. If your window pane needs replacement, you have to know the right measurements. When measuring, start inside the left jamb to the right. You also need to measure your window’s height. Do it from the lower to the upper jamb.

Review The Stops and Sash Cords – sash cords are the parts of the window that are movable. On the other hand, the window stop holds your sash vertically. Before you start taking them apart, you have to know how they are best removed. Otherwise, you’ll damage other parts of your window. This step is quite tricky so you have to be very careful. Know how to remove them properly to prevent damage and so that you would know how to reinstall them again.

These are the basic steps to preparing yourself and your window for repair or replacement. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re going to do this by yourself or you’re going to hire a professional to do it for you. These steps are vital because it can help you save a lot of money from more damages in the future. It also prevents further damage to your window if you’re going to repair it by yourself.…

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Troubleshooting Your Vinyl Window Problems

Troubleshooting Your Vinyl Window Problems

Vinyl windows have long been popular, because they are usually less expensive than wooden windows: They are durable, virtually maintenance free and have a good level of energy efficiency. They can be purchased in a range of different colors, and the color goes right through the material so any scratches or other minor damage is relatively unnoticeable. The early problems with vinyl, which were due to the different rates of expansion of the glass and the frame, are mostly now a thing of the past.

Despite their durability, here are some potential problems that require repair:

Windows that won’t open and close properly. This problem is usually due to hinges that are loose or need lubricating. Add some oil to the hinges to see if that helps. If not, try tightening the screws in the hinge. If the problem persists, you could have a problem with the frame–it may have expanded or the sections of the frame may not be tightly fitted together. You should refer to your warranty and contact your contractor, who should do the vinyl window repair for you.

Cracks in the window frame, window sill, or trim. If the damage is slight, these can usually be filled with caulk and smoothed over, unless the window is an unusual color. Larger damage may require that you replace a section of the vinyl or trim, which is usually designed to be removable. Professional window repair specialists can do the job for a relatively low fee if it isn’t covered by your warranty.

Broken window pane. Unless the break was caused by a problem with the fitting, this form of vinyl window repair is unlikely to be covered by your warranty. You can replace the window pane yourself if you know what you are doing and have the right tools, but it might be better to call a window repair professional, especially if you have double paned windows, panes with insulating gas, or large window panes.…

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How to Winterize Your Windows

How to Winterize Your Windows

Window winterization is the best way if you want to lower the heat losses in your home. The US Department of Energy stated that energy-efficient windows can reduce heating or cooling costs by as much as 20 to 30%. If you want to save some money this winter and you can’t afford new windows, here are some tips for your window winterization.

How to winterize your windows depends on what kind of windows you have. Old windows need a bit more extensive work. First step is to locate the leaks you might have. Light a candle and hold it 4 to 6 inches from the window flame. If it flickers or goes out, then your windows need protection. Another method is by applying a window film to the glass to reflect harsh sunlight. Films are generally made of polyester or thin plastic applied to the window’s interior by homeowners or glued to the surface by professional installers. Apply removable caulk around fissures surrounding your windows and doors and wipe away any excess. If this isn’t the first time you’re doing this, carefully remove the old caulk with a scraping tool and replace it. However, if you want your window winterization to be effective then you should work on a dry day so moisture won’t get into caulk. You can use wood filler to fill in any larger gaps between the wood siding and the window frames. Also, you can paint over the wood filter with a weather proof primer and exterior paint for extra protection.

If you live in a cold environment you should consider replacing your screens with storm windows, especially if you are not in the market to replace your windows all together. If you currently have aluminum frames, you should change them because those should mostly be used in warm climates. For colder climates the best choices are fiberglass, wood and vinyl, even if aluminum frames are cheaper.

Ask your home improvement retailer what type of materials you should buy for weather stripping, specific to your climate. You can choose from vinyl, bronze or aluminum but it also depends on your budget.

Preparing your windows for the cold weather should take a few hours, but all the time spent with your window winterization will pay for itself the whole winter. Think about all those savings to your energy bill and start sealing all your windows and doors. If you rather work with a specialist, do some research before or just ask someone who specializes in window winterization. This way you know you’ll get the best quality and you can be sure you won’t regret the decision.…

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Benefits of attic insulation

Your roof’s attic does more than provide room for storing your stuff. The attic is designed to offer protection from heat, cold, and humidity. However, for this part of your house to play its role, it requires proper insulation.

Studies show that 90 percent of single-family homes in the United States are under-insulated. Below are some benefits of proper attic insulation.

Less utility bills

Cooling and heating account for around 60 percent of the energy costs in an average American home. Lack of insulation or under-insulation leads to the extra cost of maintaining comfortable home temperatures.

Safer home structure

Attic insulation can prevent home damage due to moisture and heat. Insulation prevents water moisture from getting into the house and wetting your walls. Moreover, it delays heat buildup in the attic, which might cause the roof shingles to swell and probably crack. Attic insulation also prevents the formation of ice dams on your roof’s edge during winter, thereby ensuring that mold does not thrive.

Enhanced indoor air quality

Pollutants such as dirt, dust, mildew, and mold can enter the home via air leaks brought about by poor insulation. With time, the accumulation of these toxins can significantly compromise indoor air quality. Attic Insulating prevents such pollutants from getting into your home, enabling your family to enjoy a cleaner and safer indoor environment.

Better indoor comfort

Thermal energy flows from hotter to cooler regions: This implies that the house can become cold or hot faster when the temperature fluctuates outside if not properly insulated.

Less HVAC tear and wear

Poor insulation can lead to overworking of the cooling and heating system to maintain the desired indoor temperature. Appropriate attic insulation less heat loss during winter and less heat gain during summer minimizing your family’s reliance on the home’s cooling and heating systems.…

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Repairing Windows Is the LAST Thing I Want to Do in My Home

Repairing Windows Is the LAST Thing I Want to Do in My Home

Repairing windows in your home is a time sucker. We’ve all have heard the old saying that time is a valuable commodity. Many of us don’t enough have time to clean our homes, let alone perform any minor or major repairs to them. I have many contractor friends who have windows in desperate need of repair in their own homes. If you can believe it, they tell me they could fix their windows however their time is better spent at work earning money. So for all of you do-it-yourself home improvement experts or do-it-for me homeowners, I wanted to weigh in on some alternatives to help you fix your windows.

First, and most obvious, you need to inspect the window problems yourself. For example, one of my potential customers asked how they could fix a leaking window in their house. My initial response was “very carefully”. I wasn’t trying to be smart, and meant it with passion. I explained that finding a leak in a home is no easy task. Water is a tricky element because it can travel from anywhere. However, here’s what I recommended:

1. Look around the exterior of the window. Carefully inspect the siding surrounding the window, window trim and any brick molding. See if you notice any apparent blemishes around the window that would need to be repaired. Most window repairs can be solved with waterproof caulking or industrial sealant depending on where the leak originated.

2. I recently helped an employee fix one of her leaky windows. It was leaking due to the header brick mold pulling away from the exterior of the house. Inspecting the brick mold and exterior trim above the window for potential problems would be a good place to focus your investigation. If you can’t see any visible damage, then you’ll have to remove the brick mold and/or trim to see if there is water damage to the underlayment.

3. Another phase of your inspection would be to remove some siding around the window where you think the leak occurred. Check to see if a proper vapor barrier is installed (which is commonly known as a house wrap) and if the material beneath the siding is saturated.

4. Finally if you’re nervous about removing siding, trim or investigating the problem further, locate a window repair expert company to diagnose the problem.

Even though this example is centering on a leaking window, my point is you need to be careful when choosing the best solution to repair your windows. In order to choose the best alternative for you and your budget, find out if the time, effort and money of inspecting and solving the window problems will outweigh the cost of having a professional window repair company get the job done.…

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Vinyl Windows Design, Shapes And Sizes

Vinyl Windows Design, Shapes And Sizes

Vinyl windows come in all shapes and sizes, and they’ll all do the basic jobs you expect them to — let in light, frame a view and keep out the elements. Beyond that, you’ll want to choose a window that works with your home’s architectural style, whether it’s clapboard colonial, red-cedar contemporary or comfortable eclectic. Looks aside, each type of window has its own personality. Knowing what works best where will help you choose the right windows for any building or remodeling project.

Early builders chose windows according to the number of panes in each sash – six over six, for example, or nine over 12. Today your choices are much broader. Casements, sliders, tilts, fixed glass, and combinations of all these styles pose a myriad of alternatives to the classic double-hung window.

The amount of light any type of window will admit depends largely on its size, but shape and location do make a difference. For example, a horizontal window placed high on a wall may provide more light than the same window turned vertically.

Ease of cleaning is also worth thinking about, especially if yours is a two-story house or if some windows are just hard to reach. A tilt-in or removable sash that can be washed conveniently from the inside makes it a lot easier and safer to keep upper-story windows sparkling.

What colors suit you best?

In most cases, the colors that suit you best are the colors you like best. You should be able to find your favorites represented not only among wall coverings and fabrics and accessories, but also in a range of styles and patterns to suit almost any decorating mood from contemporary to country to traditional.

Window Design Principles

Think of the walls of your home as blank canvases waiting to be painted with light from the sun and views of the outside world. As you consider this ever-changing image for your new or remodeled home, it’s helpful to keep certain principles in mind.

Seeing the Light.

Light — and the shadows created by it – plays a major role in any interior space. As the sun shifts, it subtly changes the shapes and patterns in a room.

Bigger is brighter as far as windows are concerned. This means not just larger windows, but more of them. Arrays of operable sash and fixed glass can reach for the ceiling, stretch wide or even make an entire wall disappear. Ceilings dictate how high you can go, but dropping windows to floor level, or near it, can bring in a lot more light than standard sill-height windows.

How’s the View?

Just as the right frame enhances a cherished painting, so windows — now available in just about any conceivable shape — define our experience of the world outside. Of course not all views are created equal. A wooded ravine, for example, offers more visual interest than the side of a neighbor’s garage — so analyze your home’s best …

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Using Replacement UPVC Windows to Upgrade a Property

Using Replacement UPVC Windows to Upgrade a Property

The current economic climate and the concurrent sluggish housing market have led to many home owners taking the decision to upgrade or restore an older property. And a key decision within many major restoration projects is what to do with the windows.

There are many choices, from repairing and renovating the existing to starting again from scratch. And if your choice is the latter, then consider uPVC double glazed frames which are now a hugely energy efficient and cost-effective solution.

Replacement uPVC windows fit in the existing window mount and are therefore ideal for restoration of a property as they integrate easily into the existing structure. Using replacement uPVC windows to restore an old property will make the house more energy efficient and add to the resale value. Approximately 80% of North West home buyers specifically prefer a house that has energy efficient double glazed uPVC windows.

uPVC windows have excellent insulation properties and contribute to saving considerable energy, with potential heat loss reduced by up to 90% in some cases. The two glass panes of a replacement uPVC double glazed window create what is known as a “solar effect”. The heat from the sun is trapped between both panes, which keeps the heat inside the building and generates considerable savings. This leads to a lower energy bill as there is less need to use central heating or other internal heat sources.

Replacement uPVC windows also have considerable aesthetic value as manufacturers have made massive improvements in recent years. Not only can we now achieve contemporary styles and designs using a range of colours, but technology also now allows traditional designs to be catered for with a stunning choice of options. Replacement uPVC windows can replicate traditional timber framed windows.

This makes uPVC replacement windows the ideal solution to restore your tired and aging windows, whether you are restoring a listed property or a tired urban dwelling. And remember the boost to the overall property value.

Replacement uPVC windows offer a sensible investment and have become a regular and essential addition to the property restoration shopping list.…