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Are Drafty Home Windows Costing You Money?

Are Drafty Home Windows Costing You Money?

Investing in new energy-efficient replacement windows may be the best home improvement project you could do to protect the value of your home while maximizing the return on your home-improvement dollar.

You may like the windows you have, especially if they are authentic and complement the age of your home. Upon a closer look, they may be diminishing your home’s potential value.

I don’t have to tell you that the economy has fueled the current boom in home improvement projects. But how do you know which improvements will yield the most return on your investment dollar? Installing replacement windows may be the wisest financial decision you can make right now.

Besides the energy savings to you, new replacement windows will protect your real estate value should you decide to sell. Keeping your old drafty windows may be the equivalent of placing a huge sign in your front yard saying “This house costs a fortune to heat.”

Additionally, stricter government (Department of Energy) regulations regarding energy efficiency can make it difficult to keep your home competitive in the marketplace. The truth of the matter is, your home won’t even be considered if you don’t have energy-efficient windows installed.

If you need to upgrade on the fly in order to sell, you’ll either have to shell out your hard-earned dollars to install energy efficient replacement windows, give the prospective buyer a credit, or reduce your selling price – all less than satisfactory options. If your existing windows are old, drafty, don’t work easily, or aren’t energy efficient, you’ll end up paying for new windows either way, and won’t have enjoyed any of the comfort and benefits of saving energy.

Plus today, more and more Americans are realizing that a snug, well-insulated and energy efficient home just feels better and more sound. They believe it will last longer and will bring a higher selling price. It will.

Quality wood-vinyl composite windows are an investment that can result in a significant payback. Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value Report for 2008 indicates that you can typically recoup 70% or more on your investment when you sell. The remaining 30% can also be offset by the IRS energy tax credit of $1,500 as well as reduced monthly utility bills and by virtually eliminating your maintenance costs.

Besides price considerations, there’s the comfort factor to think about. New home windows will feel less drafty in the winter, cooler in the summer, quieter year-round, and generally more secure.

Obviously in the current housing market, selling might not be the best option, especially when you consider the decline in real estate values and the costs of moving Real estate commissions and bigger mortgages are two additional pitfalls that come to mind.

So staying in your home while enjoying those new windows for a few more years may be the best use of a home equity loan or home improvement loan you could ever make.…

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Why House Windows Are Important

Why House Windows Are Important

Does the sight of your utility bill make you feel sick? Are you asking everyone in your household to wear extra pairs of socks or a sweater in doors so you can avoid heating up the house (and draining up bank account)?. You could be paying a unnecessary”tax” on your energy use that you may not be aware of, and unless you like paying extra each month to the utility company you need to know how to avoid this cost so you can effectively use the energy you need to keep your house warm in the winter as well as cool in the hot summer months.

It’s your House windows.

Yeah, that’s right. It may have never occurred to you before but the windows in your house are usually the biggest culprits to high energy cost. Try to imagine your house without them on a cold winter night – It won’t matter how high you’ll have the thermostat turned up because the cold draft will make it unbearable to live in. Your house windows are the single biggest area where heating and cooling are wasted especially those functional windows that you use to ventilate a room in the warmer months. The cost to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer represents about 45% of the cost of energy to the average homeowner so it makes a lot of sense to see if you have energy efficient windows because if you live in a cold climate and windows don’t have leaks or cracks, they may still not be sufficient to adequately use the least amount of energy in your home to keep you and your family comfortable. This is because most home builders do not usually use properly insulated windows

How to tell If your windows need replacing

Although it takes a home inspector to give you a proper assessment to see if and which windows in you home needs replacing (if any) you can test them by simply holding your hand less than one inch away from the surface. If you can feel the cold air from outside the it’s time to think about new windows(energy efficient replacement windows to be more specific)

Buying high quality house windows that are designed to be energy efficient can not only save you money but are more attractive and can be more affordable. They are not hard to find if you know where to look…

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Window Repair or Replacement – THAT Is the Question

Window Repair or Replacement – THAT Is the Question

I’m sure after enjoying your spring cleaning (I mean that tongue in cheek) you’ve found some repairs that need attention in your home. More specifically, you found that some of your windows aren’t opening properly, or some of your window screens have been ripped over the winter, or even noticed some of your windows have become foggy. Deciding if you should repair or replace your windows is a question that comes up daily for homeowners throughout New England, let alone the country.

Before you decide to repair or replace any of your windows, put on your investigator cap. Start analyzing the problem of what’s wrong and the potential problems you could face if you don’t take any action to either repair or replace your windows.

There is a breaking point of where the cost to have your windows replaced may outweigh the cost to have them repaired. It is generally less expensive if you opt to have your windows repaired than replaced as long as the work is done properly. In addition, if the tasks to solve the window problems seem too advanced for you, then you may decide to call a Window Repair Expert for advice to diagnose the problems.

When repairing your windows is enough

Statistics have shown over half of the people living in houses with old windows have never experienced them working properly. Most people who decide to have their windows repaired do so because they have been living for years with the same old problems. I have heard window problems from window sashes that shake, rattle, stick, fall, don’t lock, don’t open, don’t close, and are drafty. These problems could be because of design in the technology from years past or it’s because of lack of maintenance.

When deciding the window repairs have problems limited to minor maintenance issues like moldy caulk or weather-stripping, the solution is relatively simple, however could be labor intensive to complete the repair job properly.

If heat is running out of your home like a sieve, the culprit may be old weather-stripping or broken seals on your window panes. When the window casings and frames themselves are in good condition, a Window Repair Expert can take some precautions to re-seal your windows to protect against Mother Nature and restore the sashes, panes, and frames to “like-new” condition.

A proper window repair could make your windows operate smoother and with minimal effort, improve their energy efficiency and reduce the headaches of further maintenance. Whether you decide to tackle the project yourself or have a Window Repair Expert do the work for you, you’ll save money in the long run keeping your windows maintained. And when that’s not enough, replacing your windows is always another alternative.…

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Car Window Repair – Do it Yourself and Save

Car Window Repair – Do it Yourself and Save

We all like to take on do-it-yourself tasks because it saves us money and it builds our self esteem to know that we took care of it ourselves. But sometimes you have to make sure that you can handle a job before you start. A car window repair is something you can do and add it to your list of know-hows.

Before you start make sure the car is in a flat, open area that will clean up easily. There will probably be broken glass that shatters on the floor when you remove the inside of the door. Concrete is the easiest to clean up since you just sweep it. If you have to work over a dirt area, or something similar save yourself a lot of aggravation and put down a tarp first to catch everything.

You first want to remove the door handle and armrest. Next, comes the inside panel. It will be held on with screws all the way around. With the panel off you should see a moisture barrier. You need to be extra careful removing this. It may be held with clips, screws or even tape or glue. Regardless, take your time. If you rip this you just created another problem and cost yourself a lot of money.

With the barrier off you will be looking at the door. You will need thick work gloves to remove the rest of the glass. Be careful and don’t get aggressive. Once all of the glass is out vacuum the inside of the door out. There will probably be shards of glass that fell down there.

Now it’s time to position the new glass. Carefully, set the glass into the track. There should be something the connects the glass to the track arm, like a pin or a plug. Once it is attached, move the window up and down to make sure it works properly. Better to find potential problems now than when you have it back together. If it works, put the parts back on in reverse that you took them off: barrier, panel, armrest and door handle. After each piece test the window again. After you clean up any dropped pieces of glass and your car window repair is complete, you can carefully dispose of the broken glass.…

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Common Home Appraisal Myths You Need to Stop Believing

A home appraisal is a process whereby a real estate appraiser inspects a home and determines its fair market value. This process is valuable to both the sellers and the buyers. Mortgage lenders often insist on this process before approving a home loan for a buyer. If you are a seller, it is important to understand how the process works as it will help you know how the value of a home is determined. In the article below, find some common myths about the appraisal process you need to stop believing.

An Appraisal Dictates The Amount The Buyer Should Pay

This is not true. Appraisers only state the value of a home based on its condition. That does not mean that the amount they quote is what the buyer will pay. An appraisal process is a tool that lenders use to safeguard their investments. If the price they quote is lower than what the seller has stated, it is the responsibility of the seller and the buyer to negotiate and see how they will cover the difference.

All Home Improvements Add value to A Home

There are renovations such as bathroom remodeling or kitchen upgrades that will add value to your home. Then others will not make a difference. Appraisers base their reports on things like square footage, number of rooms, foundation, etc. If you converted your garage to a gym, do not expect the appraiser to give your home a high value suddenly.

An Appraisal is the Same as a Home Inspection

It is easy to assume that these two processes are the same. As reminded by Cooksey & Associates, while these processes are for safeguarding a lender and buyer, they have some differences. The appraiser’s job is to determine the market value of a home depending on its condition, while an inspector’s job is to uncover whether there is a problem with a house.

If you are about to sell your home, talk to your local realtor about how you can prepare for this process. Realtors will give you the necessary information on what appraisers look for.…

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Get Fast Response for Water Damage

Water damage in Corpus Christi can be a severe problem, and it can have lasting effects on a home or business. While most flooding occurs in lower-lying areas, large floods can affect entire floors. Even if flooding only damages a small portion of a home, it can lead to mold growth, which can harm health. Therefore, getting the water out quickly is essential to get the best results.

First, you need to assess the damage caused by the water. You can determine what type of damage is caused by a flood by looking at how much water has penetrated the area. If it is only category two water damage, you will get the work done yourself. If the amount of damage is higher, you can call a restoration company to help you. The company will then determine how much time and money it will take.

The amount of water that has entered your home will determine the cost of restoring it. Some companies charge more than others, so it’s crucial to compare rates from different companies. In some cases, you can even choose to hire a company with less experience. This way, you’ll get a better idea of the price you’ll have to pay before you hire a company. If you decide that a water damage repair company is the best option, you can save yourself time and money. Using a local company can save you a lot of time.

The cost of water damage in Corpus Christi varies, depending on the size of the area affected, the type of water, and your budget. For instance, if your water damage is Category 1, you’ll need to hire a company specializing in category three water damage. In addition, black or gray water contains toxic debris that can be dangerous to health. Therefore, it’s essential to get a certified technician to restore your home.

Many places in Corpus Christi have invested in flood risk reduction projects, but most don’t. Nevertheless, flooding can still impact a home’s structure, causing significant expenses. Therefore, it’s essential to contact a company specializing in water damage in the area. The best insurance companies will provide you with a quote for the services you need. In addition, these companies have state-of-the-art equipment and efficient relationships with insurers, so you’ll get a fair quote.

If you have flood or water damage in Corpus Christi, it’s essential to contact a company specializing in the process. A company that offers water damage services in Corpus Christi can help you with your claim, and it has the expertise to restore your property. A good restoration company will use state-of-the-art equipment to clean and dry your property. If you’re unsure what type of restoration is needed, call your local insurance agent.

If you’ve experienced flooding or water damage in Corpus Christi, it’s essential to contact a reputable company for help recovering from the damage. In addition to state laws and guidelines, a good insurance company will be able to provide insurance to those …

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Purchasing a Window For Auto Window Repair

Purchasing a Window For Auto Window Repair

When looking to purchase a new window window, shop around as much as you can. I Understand that this can be a real emergency where you do not have time to do this, if this is the case then why not begin with the least expensive places? The most inexpensive places to look for a new window are the wrecking yard where you can get one for very cheap, or an auto body shop. Don’t ask the body shop to purchase a new one, but instead ask them if they have any totaled cars which have intact windows which you can take or purchase for a smaller fee. As long as the window comes from the same make and model and is not damaged this shouldn’t be a problem. If you have a bit more time, try looking on eBay or Craigslist.

If you are uncomfortable purchasing a window from the above sources, call around, see who will give you a price. Check the internet for prices as well. There is really no reason why a mechanic would need to see your car in order to give a price on a window. Just be sure that you have the years, make and model number handy, as well as note any other options. You never know what they will ask. When I used to get tires for an old car, they always asked me what size engine it had! That made no sense to me, and it may not make sense to you, but try to be prepared with all the facts. If your make and model came with different engine options, take note of which one you have.

Try to be as prepared as possible when shopping around for your window. Know all of the information regarding your car as well as which window is broken. You may even wish to carry around your car’s manual with you as you go on your travels.…

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What Can a Window Replacement Service Do For You?

What Can a Window Replacement Service Do For You?

You don’t necessarily have to wait for the neighbor’s son to accidentally hit a baseball through your window to consider replacing the glass and frame. Homeowners may choose to have living room and kitchen windows replaced for a variety of reasons: concerns for leaking, older models wasting energy and increasing heating bills normally top the list. Also, as you work to modernize your home you may wish to improve how people see the exterior as well as the rooms. A new frame and glass gives you a new perspective on your home.

That said, it’s important to hire a professional window replacement service to ensure your new frames fit right, making your house more energy efficient and attractive. Consult Internet and phone book listings that feature contractors with good Better Business Bureau ratings, or check the popular Angie’s List website for genuine consumer reviews to assist your search. A reputable, experienced window service should be able to provide you with the following options at an affordable rate:

Window Installation: Looking for single-hung, double-hung, bay or bow windows? A good window specialist will measure the area where your window goes and apply the frame and style of your choosing.

Existing Window Repair: Break a window recently? Or is your storm window leaking and costing you enormous heating bills? A good window repairman will fix any style in your home.

Sliding Door Installation: Doors and windows often go hand in hand in contracting. As your window man about having a new sliding door leading into your deck or patio.

Whatever the reason for wanting new windows, finding a good window handyman to help improve your home is an important first step in making your house cost efficient and higher in value.…

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How to Prepare for Your Movers

If you are like most people, you probably dread moving. You can significantly reduce your moving stress by working with a reputable moving company. However, you will probably still have a lot of tasks you have to complete. Even if you work with a moving company, you will need to prepare for your belongings to be moved.

Guide the Movers

After you have searched, “moving companies near me Marion IA,” and found a reputable mover, you will need to guide your movers. For example, you need to guide them through your neighborhood safely. Then, let them know where to park. Move any vehicles or other obstructions from the area so these professionals have plenty of room for their large trucks.

They may come to your home before the move and gauge how much truck space they will need to move you, but if not, you will have to provide them with a list well in advance.

Prepare and pack Your Belongings

Some moving companies offer packing services. However, if you choose not to pay for packing services, you will need to pack your own belongings. Use corrugated boxes that have adequate space for your belongings. Include foam pouches, bubble wrap and paper to wrap anything delicate. If you have artwork, mirrors and other odd-shaped items to move, be sure you pick up some telescope boxes. You may pack your clothing and other items in plastic bins. Be sure you label every box clearly.

Protect Your Homes

Secure blankets and tarps for your furniture as well as your floor. This is especially important if the weather is poor and the movers may track mud through your homes or you have hardwood floors.

Measure your furniture and doorways to ensure that everything will fit without damaging either your walls and doorways or your furniture. If you think the movers may have problems getting your furniture through the doors of your old or new home, or if there are stairs or other obstacles, let them know before the day of the move.

You can have a smooth, low-stress move through adequate preparation and open communication with your movers.…

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Energy Efficient Windows: Upfront Savings and Increased Comfort

Energy Efficient Windows: Upfront Savings and Increased Comfort

It is no secret that energy efficient windows and fittings do save money in both the short and longer term utility costs. The problem many people run into is the upfront costs may seem rather unaffordable. Because we seem to be facing an energy crisis, both the federal and state governments (in some cases local as well) offer assistance for projects that help reduce energy costs. Using these tax credits and grants, replacing windows quickly turns from a cost to break even or savings when you consider the money you will save on utility bills almost immediately.

When choosing energy efficient windows, you will want to consider aesthetics as well as energy climate zones. A particular window may not be the right fit for the environment you live in. Generally, hardware stores will have a chart showing the zone that you are in and what type of rating you should be looking for. These ratings change due to general environmental conditions that warrant a different makeup in the materials and construction.

So, now that you know the benefits of having energy efficient windows, should you just tear out your existing windows? It can be an expensive proposition, and in this economy, may not be the most prudent. Sure, in short time you’ll realize the savings they provide, but if you need to hold on to what you have, you should at least check to make sure they are as energy efficient as they can be. Check for moisture, mold, rotting, and any other wear around the frame at the wall. This wear or breakdown may mean there is more damage beneath the frame itself. If this is the case, go ahead and remove the frame and repair any damage you find. This will ensure a better fit and allow you to use your current windows until you can get the more energy efficient.

When it comes down to simple math, with the potential tax credits, utility savings, and long term usage, it just makes sense to replace older windows with energy efficient windows. The tax credits alone may pay for several, and the rest will be realized through the savings on utility bills.…

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Common Power Window Problems

Common Power Window Problems

Power windows or electric windows are being commonly used in automobiles today as they are highly convenient for the driver as well as the passengers. But these windows can also cause a great deal of trouble when they breakdown or malfunction. Considering the electrical components that make it, repairing the power window can seem very expensive. But if you shop around properly, you are sure to find an auto glass repair company that charges reasonably for all types of auto glass services, including power window repair and replacement.

How Power Windows Work

Although they seem complicated, power windows use a simple technique that enables window control with the press of a button. The main components include – a window regulator, a window motor, the control switch and the window frame. The motor uses electrical current to push the widow glass up and down inside the frame, depending on which way the control switch is pressed.

Power Window Troubles

At times, one or all of the power windows in your car may stop functioning due to power connection failure, loose or broken wires, or a problem with the motor or the regulator of the window. In general, power window repair is necessary when you face one of the following problems.

Blown Fuse

A fuse blow-up is one of the most common problems caused in power windows. To identify if the problems is caused by the fuse or any other component, try to operate the windows individually, using the individual control buttons on the doors. If none of the windows function, and there is no noise from the motor either, it could mean that there is a blown fuse. If such is the case, it is better to go to a skilled technician who can diagnose and repair the exact problem, rather than trying to fix the problem by guessing it.

Jammed Window Glass

A jammed window may be a small but annoying problem that has a simple solution. Usually, the window glass stops moving in one or both the directions because of some foreign object blocking its path. This usually happened during freezing temperatures when icecaps are formed in the window frames, or when too much dust is settled in the gaps. This can be solved by cleaning the blockage in the frame, but at times needs the intervention of a professional auto glass technician.

Motor Malfunction

A burned out motor is a major factor that causes trouble with your car power window. While a power failure or jammed window can be rectified by repair, a motor burnout usually ends in replacement of old motor with a new one. This can be done by buying either a new window motor or a used one from the internet or the junk yard.

A number of vehicle owners make this mistake of buying cheap spares and replacing the motor themselves, with the help of DIY guides on the internet. But to really save your money and time, it is …