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How to Find the Best Small Home Plan Design

In order to find the best small home plan design, you need to consider a few things. In addition to picking a plan that meets your needs, you also need to consider the building lot, the natural landscape, and if the plan will be marketable to any potential buyers if you want to sell our house in the future. It’s best if you keep a spreadsheet of your needs, in order to make sure you have a clearer picture.

Living Style and Family Needs: Your lifestyle and family needs will depend on stages of life and any future plans you have for the home. Features that newly married couples look for in a home will be different than some characteristics a retired couple may want. Before you choose a  house design, ask yourself some questions about whether or not you want to have a family and if there will be enough room as your family grows. You also want a plan for entertainment, so you should decide if you want a formal dining room or an open concept layout for big family gatherings.

Privacy: You want to consider how much privacy you want for neighbors and other occupants. If privacy is more important, then consider an L or U shaped design, since these homes provide more privacy when building on a suburban lot. Some homeowners want more privacy for bedrooms, while others may want more privacy for an office space. The plan should be checked for placement of windows to make sure there is still enough privacy. Also consider the outdoor space when looking for privacy. The location, lot type, and landscaping will also be important when it comes to the privacy of your outdoor space.

Home Work Space Considerations: Consider what work spaces you need, such as a workout room or laundry room. If you like to garden, you may want to have a utility room or mudroom with a half bath for easy cleanup. Think of some of your hobbies when choosing a home plan to make sure your space accommodates.

Surrounding Homes: You don’t want to live in a home that is the exact same as another, but the house design will need to fit in the neighborhood. Subdivisions may even have established home styles for the area, so you need to check regulations before you purchase a house plan. A home that is out of scale with the neighbors, whether it’s too small or large, will look out of place.

Choose Based on Layout: Make a decision based on the layout. You want it to feel functional with your daily activities. Don’t let features that you see sway your decision. You should like the living room because it’s welcoming and a great place to gather, and not because it has nice carpet.

Furnishings: Does the plan work with your existing furniture or will you need to buy more? Purchasing furniture can be stressful, so you may want to have something that works with what …