How to Prepare for Your Movers

If you are like most people, you probably dread moving. You can significantly reduce your moving stress by working with a reputable moving company. However, you will probably still have a lot of tasks you have to complete. Even if you work with a moving company, you will need to prepare for your belongings to be moved.

Guide the Movers

After you have searched, “moving companies near me Marion IA,” and found a reputable mover, you will need to guide your movers. For example, you need to guide them through your neighborhood safely. Then, let them know where to park. Move any vehicles or other obstructions from the area so these professionals have plenty of room for their large trucks.

They may come to your home before the move and gauge how much truck space they will need to move you, but if not, you will have to provide them with a list well in advance.

Prepare and pack Your Belongings

Some moving companies offer packing services. However, if you choose not to pay for packing services, you will need to pack your own belongings. Use corrugated boxes that have adequate space for your belongings. Include foam pouches, bubble wrap and paper to wrap anything delicate. If you have artwork, mirrors and other odd-shaped items to move, be sure you pick up some telescope boxes. You may pack your clothing and other items in plastic bins. Be sure you label every box clearly.

Protect Your Homes

Secure blankets and tarps for your furniture as well as your floor. This is especially important if the weather is poor and the movers may track mud through your homes or you have hardwood floors.

Measure your furniture and doorways to ensure that everything will fit without damaging either your walls and doorways or your furniture. If you think the movers may have problems getting your furniture through the doors of your old or new home, or if there are stairs or other obstacles, let them know before the day of the move.

You can have a smooth, low-stress move through adequate preparation and open communication with your movers.