Modern Double Glazing: How the New Design Bi-Fold Windows Will Improve Your Home

Modern Double Glazing: How the New Design Bi-Fold Windows Will Improve Your Home

Double glazing is a technique that has been widely used by modern designers to reduce heat loss in buildings and impacts of noise pollution. This technology has been greatly advanced and led to the invention of the bi-fold windows and doors.

A bi-fold window or door has a series of about 2 to seven windows that are hinged to enable them fold onto themselves. These windows have incorporated the double glazing technique to create better functioning and more efficient window and door systems.

Bi-fold windows can totally open up a room. This is due to the fact that the window is a series of windows which can be opened, opening up a room and lighting it up effectively. Ventilation is improved when these windows are opened enabling ample air circulation in the building.

These windows and doors create space in a room. They allow more light in the room making it look more spacious. Bi-fold double glazed windows and doors have more versatility than normal double glazed ones. They are waterproof ensuring that no water gets into the building when it is raining.

Some may think that the several hinges might provide spaces for water to get into the building. However, the windows and doors are designed in a way that when they are closed, there are no spaces in between them to allow water to pass through. Energy efficiency is guaranteed. The double glazing technique ensures that very little heat is lost out of the building.

The air spaces between the glasses act as insulators preventing loss of heat via conduction and convection. A more efficient design has an E coating that ensures low emissivity rates. The coating reflects back long wave radiation from the surface of the building while at the same time transmitting shortwave radiation from the sun.

The bi-fold glasses are UV resistant. As much as they allow UV radiation to pass through, the intensities of this short wave radiation have no negative effect on them. This makes the windows and doors durable requiring very little maintenance. All one needs to do is clean the windows when they get dirty as dirt is an unavoidable environmental element. Accumulated dirt mostly corrodes glass. However, these doors and windows are corrosion resistant.

Installing BiFold Windows is easy. When they are bought, one is provided with a user manual that gives clear guidelines on how to fix them. These can also be easily removed in case of a problem.