Window Repair or Replacement – THAT Is the Question

Window Repair or Replacement – THAT Is the Question

I’m sure after enjoying your spring cleaning (I mean that tongue in cheek) you’ve found some repairs that need attention in your home. More specifically, you found that some of your windows aren’t opening properly, or some of your window screens have been ripped over the winter, or even noticed some of your windows have become foggy. Deciding if you should repair or replace your windows is a question that comes up daily for homeowners throughout New England, let alone the country.

Before you decide to repair or replace any of your windows, put on your investigator cap. Start analyzing the problem of what’s wrong and the potential problems you could face if you don’t take any action to either repair or replace your windows.

There is a breaking point of where the cost to have your windows replaced may outweigh the cost to have them repaired. It is generally less expensive if you opt to have your windows repaired than replaced as long as the work is done properly. In addition, if the tasks to solve the window problems seem too advanced for you, then you may decide to call a Window Repair Expert for advice to diagnose the problems.

When repairing your windows is enough

Statistics have shown over half of the people living in houses with old windows have never experienced them working properly. Most people who decide to have their windows repaired do so because they have been living for years with the same old problems. I have heard window problems from window sashes that shake, rattle, stick, fall, don’t lock, don’t open, don’t close, and are drafty. These problems could be because of design in the technology from years past or it’s because of lack of maintenance.

When deciding the window repairs have problems limited to minor maintenance issues like moldy caulk or weather-stripping, the solution is relatively simple, however could be labor intensive to complete the repair job properly.

If heat is running out of your home like a sieve, the culprit may be old weather-stripping or broken seals on your window panes. When the window casings and frames themselves are in good condition, a Window Repair Expert can take some precautions to re-seal your windows to protect against Mother Nature and restore the sashes, panes, and frames to “like-new” condition.

A proper window repair could make your windows operate smoother and with minimal effort, improve their energy efficiency and reduce the headaches of further maintenance. Whether you decide to tackle the project yourself or have a Window Repair Expert do the work for you, you’ll save money in the long run keeping your windows maintained. And when that’s not enough, replacing your windows is always another alternative.