Need Help Repairing Your Foggy Windows?

Need Help Repairing Your Foggy Windows?

Windows and doors are important aspects of a home’s appearance. Wide, clean windows create the impression of space, while foggy windows can seriously affect the ambience of a living area. When faced with the problem of foggy insulated glass, many homeowners groan at the need to spend a fortune on window replacements as they can be really expensive. However, a cheaper alternative is actually available in Rockville, Maryland. Services are available to repair your damaged windows, either by repairing the seal, or by replacing the glass panels. You do not need to change the entire window, and this will save you a lot of money.

You might wonder how fog forms on your windows.Foggy windows actually become a problem when condensation occurs between panes of glass. This is directly caused by a leaky seal in the Insulated Glass Unit of the window. A bad Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) causes water to leak into it, and also reduces the insulation properties of the glass. When your house is not properly protected against the elements, this means that you are also wasting more electricity to keep your house warm or cold as heat exchange continuously occurs between inside and the outdoors through your window.

Foggy Window Repair

From time to time, windows need to be repaired or replaced. Certified glass technicians are available to repair or replace window glass, and to solve window condensation problems. There are actually good window defogging services available in Rockville, Maryland. Defogging is conducted by creating tiny holes in the IGUs. The technicians then spray cleaning solution inside the IGU, and install proper vents afterward to prevent fogging from happening easily in the future.

Foggy Window Replacement

If your windows are beyond repair, you can also consider replacing your glass by installing better windows. Energy efficient replacement windows are a good investment in the long run as you will save on electricity costs, especially heating bills. You can also increase your curb appeal by choosing more contemporary designs. When consulting foggy window replacement services, you should inquire about new window technology such as dual seal, which lasts longer. Heat reflecting and low-e properties are also traits that make these latest window options one of the best. For added security, laminated safety glass is also available in the wide range of glass and windows available today.