What Is an Energy Efficient Home Replacement Window?

What Is an Energy Efficient Home Replacement Window?

Though there is debate in political circles about the environment and the effects of global warming, many Americans have become increasingly cognizant of the environmental issues and are looking for new ways to leave a smaller “footprint” while saving money on ever-increasing energy costs. Some of the first things that come to mind when trying to do more to save the environment is using less gas, turning down the air-conditioning, and recycling the trash. However, there is something else that people don’t often think about – installing energy efficient home replacement windows. Replacement home windows are a great way to save money on home energy costs and use less energy resources. It is a true win/win situation – for you and for our planet.

3 Great Reasons to Consider Home Replacement Windows:

Increase the value of your homeowners

Lower maintenance costs and a longer lifespan

New windows are attractive and add beauty to any homeowners

Everything You Wanted to Know About Energy Efficient Home Windows

It is all about the features when looking for energy efficient home replacement windows. Modern technology has given manufacturers the ability to make windows that look great, save money, and last for years. Vinyl has become one of the most popular options for homeowners seeking to install replacement windows. Replacing wood with vinyl maintains energy efficiency while adding to the lifespan. Vinyl windows do not peel, warp splinter, crack, or require new coats of paint. Without the expense of periodic repair and maintenance, vinyl windows provide homeowners with noticeable savings over the life of the window.

Home replacement windows feature such innovative technology as heat reflective coatings, insulated glass panels, dual weather stripping, and warm edge spacers. These features adhere to Energy Star manufacturing guidelines and have become standard elements of energy efficient windows. Ultimate efficiency is achieved by using low-e glass (glass products engineered to control solar heat gain), and warm edge spacer technology, such as Solarban 60 or 70XL along with vinyl frames. It is also wise to look for windows that are Energy Star certified because these provide the highest energy savings and the greatest long-term value.

Double paned windows are another energy efficient design that uses sealant to adhere two glass panes together to the warm edge spacer unit. Between these two panes of glass, argon gas is inserted, which dramatically improves insulation ability of the window by reducing the heat flow through the two panes of glass. This type of window can also include a super spacer, which further slows down the amount of heat gain or loss. A super spacer is also a good way to prevent mold and bacteria from forming by preventing the formation of condensation. Mold and bacteria provide the perfect environment for the development of viruses, fungi, and mites – something no homeowner wants!

Taking advantage of innovations and advancement is technology can save money. Using these innovative types of materials can drastically reduce home energy expenses by reducing solar heat gain in the summer and trapping in warm air during the colder winter months. Homeowners seeking to save money on their energy bill and beautify their homes can choose from a variety of different home energy replacement windows, including casement, picture, slider, single-hung, and custom shaped windows. Various sizes and colors are also available.