Common Power Window Problems

Common Power Window Problems

Power windows or electric windows are being commonly used in automobiles today as they are highly convenient for the driver as well as the passengers. But these windows can also cause a great deal of trouble when they breakdown or malfunction. Considering the electrical components that make it, repairing the power window can seem very expensive. But if you shop around properly, you are sure to find an auto glass repair company that charges reasonably for all types of auto glass services, including power window repair and replacement.

How Power Windows Work

Although they seem complicated, power windows use a simple technique that enables window control with the press of a button. The main components include – a window regulator, a window motor, the control switch and the window frame. The motor uses electrical current to push the widow glass up and down inside the frame, depending on which way the control switch is pressed.

Power Window Troubles

At times, one or all of the power windows in your car may stop functioning due to power connection failure, loose or broken wires, or a problem with the motor or the regulator of the window. In general, power window repair is necessary when you face one of the following problems.

Blown Fuse

A fuse blow-up is one of the most common problems caused in power windows. To identify if the problems is caused by the fuse or any other component, try to operate the windows individually, using the individual control buttons on the doors. If none of the windows function, and there is no noise from the motor either, it could mean that there is a blown fuse. If such is the case, it is better to go to a skilled technician who can diagnose and repair the exact problem, rather than trying to fix the problem by guessing it.

Jammed Window Glass

A jammed window may be a small but annoying problem that has a simple solution. Usually, the window glass stops moving in one or both the directions because of some foreign object blocking its path. This usually happened during freezing temperatures when icecaps are formed in the window frames, or when too much dust is settled in the gaps. This can be solved by cleaning the blockage in the frame, but at times needs the intervention of a professional auto glass technician.

Motor Malfunction

A burned out motor is a major factor that causes trouble with your car power window. While a power failure or jammed window can be rectified by repair, a motor burnout usually ends in replacement of old motor with a new one. This can be done by buying either a new window motor or a used one from the internet or the junk yard.

A number of vehicle owners make this mistake of buying cheap spares and replacing the motor themselves, with the help of DIY guides on the internet. But to really save your money and time, it is best to use only OEM spares and let an expert technician handle the job.