Making Your Windows Energy Efficient

Making Your Windows Energy Efficient

Energy efficient vinyl windows are the best solution if you want to lower the heat losses in your home. The US Department of Energy stated that energy-efficient windows can reduce heating or cooling costs by as much as 20 to 30%. If you want to save some money this winter and you can’t afford vinyl window replacement, here are some tips to improve the energy efficiency of your windows.

How to improve the energy-efficiency of your windows depends on what kind of windows you have. Old windows need more work and attention. Try to locate possible leaks. One way to do that is to light a candle near the window flame and if it flickers or goes out, then you need some vinyl window repair, which you can do it yourself. Apply removable caulk around fissures surrounding your windows and doors and wipe away any excess. If you’ve done this before and there is old caulk around your windows, remove and replace it. It is best to do this on a dry day, if you really want energy efficient vinyl windows. You can also use exterior paint over the wood filter for extra protection.

Living in a cold environment may require some extra protection for your home, such as replacing your screens with storm windows. This is an alternative if you’re not currently looking for vinyl window replacement. The recommended ones are fiberglass, wood and vinyl. Aluminum frames are for warm climates, so don’t let yourself fooled by a smaller price. If you’re on a restricted budget ask your home improvement retailer for some advice: Which one is the best, but also fits your budget.

Working on your energy efficient windows should take a few hours. time you can’t compare with the satisfaction you’ll feel when you’ll see that small energy bill. Remember that sealing your windows, doors, walls and even attic is the road to some nice savings.

If you rather go with vinyl window replacement, here are some types of windows and their features to make your search easier:

Ultramaxx or Sheffield

– Exclusive triple lift rails make operation easy

– Full-capture sill protects from air and water infiltration

– Quad 4 weatherstripping at the header and sill

– Triple barrier weatherstripping at all sash points

– Hidden screen track produces clean lines

Excalibur or Excalibur II

– Fully extruded lift rail adds strength, durability and ease of operation

– Sloped sill forces water to drain to the exterior

– Hidden screen track produces clean lines

– Protective hollow bulb seal at the sill for added weather protection

Fairfield 70 or Fairfield 80

– 2-5/8″ frame depth and integral nailing fin with 1-3/8″ or 7/8″ fin setback for compatibility with wood, vinyl and stucco applications

– A 1-3/8″ J-channel and stucco flange option is also available

– 3/4″ insulated single-strength glass with warm edge spacer technology for energy-efficiency

– Integral J-channel

– Precision-welded frame and sash for strength and energy-efficiency

– Removable fiberglass screens for easy cleaning

Bay and Bow Windows:

– Slimline reinforced mullion design for superior strength on selected components

– Adjustable turn-buckle cable hanging system eliminates sagging and bowing

– 1-1/4″ furniture grade veneer on head, seatboards and jambs

– Available in double-hung, casement and fixed lite styles