Simple But Powerful Tips For Dressing a Bay Or Unusual Shaped Window

Simple But Powerful Tips For Dressing a Bay Or Unusual Shaped Window

When you have a odd shaped window in your home it can add to the interesting nature of your house while at the same time being a point of frustration for you while decorating. These windows can be quite vexatious when you don’t know how to go about dressing them. Lets take a few minutes to look at some Tips for dressing a bay or unusual shaped window.


Shutters are a great way to handle an odd shaped window they can be custom built to match the exact size and shape of the window that you are dealing with and can be a stylish and classic method of dealing with the problem. Shutters are especially good for bat windows. One of the most popular style of shutter are plantation shutters which are slip into two sections top and bottom.


Blinds are a great choice for windows that are very tall and narrow but do not work so well for windows that have an odd or unusual shape such as geometric designs. Blinds can be custom made form a lot of different materials and come in a lot of different styles the most common forms for blinds are “mini” blinds and “venetian” blinds.

Blinds are most effective for windows when they are matched to the look of the room. For conservative rooms consider wooden or metal blinds. Plastic blinds work well in more open and modern rooms and for cozy and comfortable rooms consider using fabric covered blinds. You can get blinds custom made that are motorized. These are a great choice for windows that are very large or may be very tall. The drive unit can be remote controlled and allow you to open and close as well as raise and lower with the touch of a remote control button or a wall switch.


The best part about draperies is that it doesn’t matter what the size or shape of the window is, you can easily dress it with draperies. Even if the windows inst able to accommodate a drapery bar you can always create a “flat” design that is all sewn together and attached to the wall around the windows via Velcro.

Some of the best For Dressing A Bay Or Unusual Shaped Window style of draperies for an odd shaped window are swags and droops. Swags are generally when the material is bunched at one side of the top of the window, attached along the upper edge and then pulled to one side where it is fixed wither to the opposite upper corner or to a tie back loop or bar on the wall of one side. Droops are where the material is just hung across two points attached to the sides of the upper edge of the window or in the case of an odd shaped window on the wall and allow to flow freely down the sides and down middle.


In the old days when you mentioned shades you were immediately put to mind of the old style pull down and roll up shades of past. The truth is that shades have changed a lot in the last 20 years and now they are easier to use, live with and decorate around than ever before. There are literally dozens of different types of shades ranging from honeycomb styles to cellular styles to light blocking styles and more. Shades can be motorized or can be designed to move with the sliding of a finger across the top bar of the shade unit.

Hopefully these Tips for dressing a bay or unusual shaped window will help you make the most of the unique aspects that an odd shaped window can add to your home. These windows can be a great point of interest and handling the window treatments for them is a wonderful conversation area for your guests. Have fun and enjoy your odd shaped windows, they give your home charm and style.