Cleaning Windows – Best Solutions

Cleaning Windows – Best Solutions

One summer I decided to clean my outside windows, using an old ladder I knew wasn’t that safe. It would suffice this time and I’d never use it again. The ladder never got used again, after I fell off backwards onto the cement driveway. A neighbor found me lying there all bloody and called the ambulance. I spent 4 days in a trauma unit at a cost of $13,000!

It just so happens my next door neighbor who once before had offered to loan me her steam cleaning machine came by after I was home convalescing. She brought me delicious chicken soup, and to tell me her husband wanted to clean my windows as a favor.

I was amazed to see how standing firmly on the ground he was able to reach up and get every inch of the window, pretty cool, and he wasn’t going to end up in the hospital like me.

It actually looked like fun, it seemed so effortless. Something else which was obvious was how sparkling the windows looked no streaks like I would usually get when using regular window cleaners. I would often find myself repeating the process over and over wiping and scrubbing with towels or newspapers which of course makes your hands black in the end.

Steam is just water so no chemicals or oily film left behind. The steam is hot enough to eliminate hard water marks, bug tracks, you name it, they also seen to stay cleaner longer.

The following spring I didn’t have to think twice, I bought a steam machine, and off to clean my windows I went.

The steamer has a squeegee attachment, and a brush for scrubbing away the grime then you simply squeegee away the remaining moisture. No smudges or residue left at all.

You can easily reach the windows all the way to the top by adding extension wands while standing on the floor, eliminating leftover water droplets with a micro fiber cloth. Every window is shiny, streak-free and clean all in a flash.

So instead of risking life and limb hanging on a ladder, and then smearing different concoctions (I’ve tried vinegar and even alcohol) I realized the answer was not to get used to dirty windows, the answer was steam. Then, I can go back to enjoying looking out on my beautiful garden.