Troubleshooting Your Vinyl Window Problems

Troubleshooting Your Vinyl Window Problems

Vinyl windows have long been popular, because they are usually less expensive than wooden windows: They are durable, virtually maintenance free and have a good level of energy efficiency. They can be purchased in a range of different colors, and the color goes right through the material so any scratches or other minor damage is relatively unnoticeable. The early problems with vinyl, which were due to the different rates of expansion of the glass and the frame, are mostly now a thing of the past.

Despite their durability, here are some potential problems that require repair:

Windows that won’t open and close properly. This problem is usually due to hinges that are loose or need lubricating. Add some oil to the hinges to see if that helps. If not, try tightening the screws in the hinge. If the problem persists, you could have a problem with the frame–it may have expanded or the sections of the frame may not be tightly fitted together. You should refer to your warranty and contact your contractor, who should do the vinyl window repair for you.

Cracks in the window frame, window sill, or trim. If the damage is slight, these can usually be filled with caulk and smoothed over, unless the window is an unusual color. Larger damage may require that you replace a section of the vinyl or trim, which is usually designed to be removable. Professional window repair specialists can do the job for a relatively low fee if it isn’t covered by your warranty.

Broken window pane. Unless the break was caused by a problem with the fitting, this form of vinyl window repair is unlikely to be covered by your warranty. You can replace the window pane yourself if you know what you are doing and have the right tools, but it might be better to call a window repair professional, especially if you have double paned windows, panes with insulating gas, or large window panes.