Benefits of attic insulation

Your roof’s attic does more than provide room for storing your stuff. The attic is designed to offer protection from heat, cold, and humidity. However, for this part of your house to play its role, it requires proper insulation.

Studies show that 90 percent of single-family homes in the United States are under-insulated. Below are some benefits of proper attic insulation.

Less utility bills

Cooling and heating account for around 60 percent of the energy costs in an average American home. Lack of insulation or under-insulation leads to the extra cost of maintaining comfortable home temperatures.

Safer home structure

Attic insulation can prevent home damage due to moisture and heat. Insulation prevents water moisture from getting into the house and wetting your walls. Moreover, it delays heat buildup in the attic, which might cause the roof shingles to swell and probably crack. Attic insulation also prevents the formation of ice dams on your roof’s edge during winter, thereby ensuring that mold does not thrive.

Enhanced indoor air quality

Pollutants such as dirt, dust, mildew, and mold can enter the home via air leaks brought about by poor insulation. With time, the accumulation of these toxins can significantly compromise indoor air quality. Attic Insulating prevents such pollutants from getting into your home, enabling your family to enjoy a cleaner and safer indoor environment.

Better indoor comfort

Thermal energy flows from hotter to cooler regions: This implies that the house can become cold or hot faster when the temperature fluctuates outside if not properly insulated.

Less HVAC tear and wear

Poor insulation can lead to overworking of the cooling and heating system to maintain the desired indoor temperature. Appropriate attic insulation less heat loss during winter and less heat gain during summer minimizing your family’s reliance on the home’s cooling and heating systems.