Types of Vinyl Windows You Must Know

Types of Vinyl Windows You Must Know

If you are interested in making you home look beautiful and artistic, why don’t you install vinyl windows and make it look the way you want? The custom made vinyl windows will surely give a special and attractive look to the rooms of your house.

Well, there are many types of vinyl windows and you must know little details about them before you choose one. Here are the types of vinyl windows and you can choose any one of them to suit your personality and artistic design.


You can make single or double glass window panes using the casement design. One side of this widow will be fixed and you can open it from the other side. In fact, the size of this window is large and you can easily allow fresh air come into your room. In addition to it, your room will also look bright with the light that seeps through the window panes. It adds to the elegance of your interior design and it has an absolute unique value than the other windows.


If you have little space, you can install this sliding vinyl window. It gives a stylish look to the interiors of your house and they can be moved from both sides. The window sashes can be move one behind the other pane.

Bow window:

Have you ever heard about it? Well, this is designed to give a look of a bow as it is curved at the upper end. They are normally large in size and you can get lot of fresh air and light into the rooms of your house. They mainly have two sets of sashes and it gives an extraordinary look to the interior design of your house.

Double hung windows:

If your house is large in size, you cannot fix small windows as it will spoil its look. For large houses, double hung windows are the perfect match. It not only adds to the beauty of your house but also gives sufficient ventilation for the rooms of your house. The large sized window sashes can be moved vertically and very less space is occupied.

Bay windows:

Bay windows give classic look to the rooms of your house. If you want the interiors of your house to be designed according to your plan, bay windows won’t let you down. They are perfect for letting fresh air as well as light come into your room.