These are a series of advantages of switching to solar panels

Solar energy is one of the best options for producing alternative electricity that is environmentally friendly. Through solar panel technology, currently solar power can be used independently at home.

Currently, there are more and more companies that provide technology and services for installing solar panels at home. Generally, the cost is around IDR 20 million-30 million based on the amount of electricity that can be generated.

If you are interested in installing it, you can make a rough estimate of the cost through this link from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources .

You need to know the area of ​​​​the roof that you want to install the panels, the direction and angle of the roof slope, as well as the electrical power installed in your home. Although it requires relatively large costs during installation, the use of solar panels has significant advantages that can be enjoyed in the long term. Not only personally, but also more broadly for the Earth’s environment.

Reporting from community solar projects, here are the advantages of using solar panels.

1. Save on Monthly Electricity Costs Although it requires relatively large costs when installing, using solar panels in the long term will provide financial benefits for users. Because it comes from unlimited solar energy, solar panel users can reduce or even be free from having to pay monthly electricity bills to the state electricity provider company, or PLN, in Indonesia. As is known, electricity rates also continue to increase periodically.

2. Multifunction Besides being able to be used to generate electricity, solar panels can also be used to generate heat or solar thermal. Small-scale thermal solar for homes, generally can be used as room heaters, water heaters, and swimming pool heaters.

3. Minimal Maintenance Costs Solar panels do not require complicated and excessive maintenance. It is enough to clean it regularly every month, the solar panel device will still be well maintained. Solar panel devices generally can last up to tens to tens of years. Generally, solar panel provider companies also have qualified solar panel maintenance services.

4. Contribution to Saving the Environment It is undeniable that the Earth is currently experiencing a significant increase in temperature and global warming. Switching to using solar panels can be one of the real steps in saving the earth. Especially in Indonesia, where the majority of electricity still comes from burning coal which is not environmentally friendly. (M-2)