Which Windows Are Right For Your Home?

Which Windows Are Right For Your Home?

Whether you are building a new home or having renovations done to your existing living space, ultimately the question of what to do about windows will arise. For room additions and makeovers, repairs and replacement, you may consider having different glass, frames, and panes installed in your living room, den, or bedroom. Not all styles are the same, either, so you want to be certain you have the right model to let in the light you want and protect your home from the elements. A good contractor specializing in window replacement can help you with the leg work, and even advise which windows are best for you.

What styles of window are available to you? As you prepare your home improvement, ask your handyman about these possibilities:

Double-Hung: The double-hung is the most traditional window custom built for a precise fit and optimum energy efficiency. Both the top and bottom sash tilt into your home and for safe and easy cleaning.

Single-Hung Windows: Similar to the double-hung, the single-hung model provides an equal amount of energy preservation. Only the top sash doesn’t move. Perfect for bedrooms.

Casement: Casement models are maintenance-free. No more painting,putty or caulk. No more storm windows. The modern precision hardware make them smoother, easier, and safer to operate than any other window in its class.

Awning: Awning models are similar to casements, but they are top hinged rather than side hinged. Great for attics!

Slider: Similar to the single-hung model, only the window opens by sliding one panel to the side.

Picture: The picture window is a great decorating detail to add light and a view from your home. Use as a free standing accent window or in combination with flanking casements or double-hung windows to allow for ventilation.

Bay: Our bay windows feature a large picture window flanked by two operating casements or double hung windows, set at angles of either 30A?, 45A? or 90A? from the wall. A new bay will provide a distinguished look to both the exterior & interior of your home.