Timeless Beauty of Wood Windows

Timeless Beauty of Wood Windows

When making that important decision on what window treatment best suits your individual taste nothing compares to the timeless beauty and elegance of custom wood windows.

Your choices in wood materials are available in pine, maple, oak, walnut, Douglas fir, cherry and mahogany. Each has its own distinctive character and style.

Custom quality built windows can be stained to match the existing wood finishes in your home or painted in the colour of your choice. Your windows can be designed with lovely natural wood interiors combined with stylish low maintenance exteriors.

Have a custom installer help you to choose which of the many window styles will best suit your home from bow or bay adding a spacious feel to any room. Or choose styles in casement, awning, gliding, single or double hung styles all with their unique individual features.

You can also have unique specialty window designed in curved or angle shapes, perfect for that special accent window. Glass options include stained, patterned or bevelled that will offset your wood frames to perfection. Other options include UV treated glass or high performance glass that stays cleaner with less visible water spotting. Each window will be an individual work of art hand crafted with great attention to detail.

Design your wall by strategically placing your windows in combinations and patterns that will add dramatic flair to your room. Wood windows custom designed with graceful curves or dramatic angles can bring the unsurpassed beauty of nature inside with stunning outdoor views blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.