Bathroom Replacement Home Windows Choices

Bathroom Replacement Home Windows Choices

There are many different types of replacement home windows for the bathroom. If you are remodeling, you have a chance to make a change if that is what you choose to do. You can choose a window that appeals to you more in appearance, or you can focus on energy efficiency. Here are some of the options to look for when choosing windows.

Opening Capability

Some bathroom replacement home windows open from the bottom, like a double hung window, crank out or slide across. If you do not need the bathroom window to open at all, there are other styles you can use, such as glass block. Decide whether you want the window to open, and if so, how wide. This will narrow down your choices. Having a window that is functional is very important, and many people have trouble getting their windows to work right once they install them. However, if you employ a home remodeling company to put in your windows, they will open easily.


The kind of windows you choose can help you with privacy. Buying replacement home windows with frosted or etched glass can increase your privacy. Glass blocks also obscure what is behind them. You might want the look of a window letting in light, but if you choose a regular, clear-paned window, you can always put up a curtain. As long as the window is secure, you should have privacy.


If you choose vinyl or aluminum windows, make sure they have sturdy locking mechanisms. Wood windows are easy to break into, but locks will also help them somewhat. A glass block style window will be more difficult to break into than other types of windows. A glass block window may be difficult to put in properly, but a home remodeling company can so an excellent job of installing it for you.


Most people will want to consider the price of replacement home windows before they buy. There are many factors which influence the price. The material matters – vinyl and glass block being cheaper and wood being more expensive. If you have insulated windows they will cost more. The way the windows open might have a bearing on the cost. The best way to find out is to shop all your options.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of replacement home windows can change the amount of money you pay on your electric or gas heating bills. It can also make a difference in whether your bathroom is drafty or a warm and sheltered place. Look for a window with a U value of 30 or less. The U value is a term defining how easily heat is transferred through an insulating material. The lower the U value it is, the better the material is insulating. A home remodeling company will help you understand such concepts when choosing your windows.

Decorative Design

The way the window looks will most likely be a consideration for you as well. If you just want a plain, functional window, you might be more concerned with some of the other options such as energy efficiency or security. However, if design is important to you, look for windows with decorative glass, whether etched, frosted or colored. By carefully choosing the replacement home windows you will be happiest with, you will make living in your home pleasant for a long time to come.