What You Need to Know About Carr Lane Brand Cam Handles

What You Need to Know About Carr Lane Brand Cam Handles

With a history extending back to 1952, Carr Lane Cam Handles and other industrial parts have been manufactured with only the highest quality in mind. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, they started in a wooden garage with the goal of creating a business that provides parts for a variety of industries. They noticed that parts were starting to be made from inferior materials and decided to do something about it. Now they are one of the industry leaders with their products sold by authorized distributors around the world. Focusing on quality in manufacturing has earned them accolades and the all-important ISO 9001-2008 certification, meaning you can depending on their products.

The Carr Lane Cam Handles are made from materials that ensure they will not malfunction or break due to normal wear and tear. The process each part goes through begins with the design phase, material selection, and manufacturing. With the ISO 9001-2008 certification, all processes are certified to ensure that the end result is a top quality product, created with satisfied consumers in mind. These parts are created to compliment other quality parts, meaning you will have satisfied customers by distributing these parts.

The design of the Carr Lane Cam Handles includes stainless steel and aluminum alloy, meaning they are designed to resist rust breakdown. With Dry film lube, they will continue to move freely, without needing extra care and maintenance for years. Each piece is specifically manufactured for a tight fit with the rest, creating a handle that will work from the start. Other considerations are built in, allowing the adjustment of the pin and spindle to allow the single handle to be slightly adjusted for the best, tight fit, also achieving the desired tension.

For sure, Carr Lane Cam Handles are built to a specification that continues to show the care and excellence put into every product made. By sticking to their guns when it comes to quality, Carr Lane has been able to grow to provide quality products for nearly every industry available. Customers have a high trust in their products because they know they make sure each and every product meets the ISO standards they have worked to achieve.

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