Home Security Essentials – Even the Basic Home Security System Will Give You Peace of Mind

Home Security Essentials – Even the Basic Home Security System Will Give You Peace of Mind

When it comes to protecting your loved ones your home security should never be compromised. Sometimes, chains, padlocks, or even fences just aren’t enough because burglars nowadays use sophisticated gadgets to break into your homes.

Just the home security essentials will provide you with peace of mind that your home is protected.

Most burglars are just plain lazy which is one of the reasons they choose the profession they practice.

If your home is protected, even if it is only the bare home security essentials, than most burglars will choose an easier target.

Using the best home protection you can afford for your property and family is a smart move. The cost of owning a burglar alarm has come down so much that it is affordable for almost everyone. It just is not worth the risk to have no protection.

In the United States, a burglary occurs every 15 seconds. Burglary costs homeowners an average of $1700 a year. Quite often people don’t even consider a burglar alarm until something bad happens. Once your home and family has been compromised no amount of protection will ever be able to buy back that sense of security that you have loss. Don’t wait until your family has been violated.

The home security essentials of a basic alarm system include a main control unit, a keypad, siren, door sensors, and a motion detector. The main control unit needs to be installed in a secure location (an area protected by the system). If it your alarm system is hard wired versus wireless than you will want a location that is easy to run all the wires to.

The keypad needs to be located near your main entrance so that you can easily arm and disarm the system. Most homes have two or three entrances and these doors will need to have magnetic sensors attached to them. These sensors will send a message to the control unit when the door is opened.

Since most burglars will enter right through the front door these are imperative to a good home security system.

The indoor siren needs to be in a location where it will have the most impact. Contrary to popular belief you do not want the siren outside the home. In most communities it is illegal to put the siren outside the home. The neighbors will only complain anyhow… they will not come to your rescue. (When is the last time you ran for help when you heard a siren?) Inside the home the siren will have the most effect because if there is an intruder in your home and the siren goes off the intruder will want to leave as quickly as possible. The siren is designed to make the intruder panic and run. The siren will also wake you up if you are sleeping.

The motion detector is the last part of the home security essentials. If you only install one detector than locate it in a popular travel area. In other words, if there is an intruder he might miss some of the rooms in the house but he is bound to walk down the main hallway. Then locate the motion detector in the main hallway. Now if a burglar breaks into your home without coming through a door that is protected than he will eventually walk down the hallway and trip the motion detector thus setting off the alarm.

A higher end burglar alarm system will have windows home security sensors but since we are talking about the home security essentials we are going to be using a motion detector to give our windows home security protection… either way we will know when an intruder enters the home.

The last component in the home security essentials is monitoring. It really doesn’t do much good to have an alarm that just makes noise. The system needs to be monitored. Alarm monitoring can be purchased for less than $30 a month and these trained professionals will notify the proper authorities depending on what type of signal they receive from the control unit.

If you simply cannot afford to have your home security system monitored professionally than program your system to send a message to your cell phone… at least than if you are not home you can call 911 and send the police to your home.

I almost forgot the most important component for home security essentials… the yard sign. I am sure you have seen them: “This home is protected by ABC Security” and you can also use the window home security stickers. This lets all potential burglars know that your home is protected. If money is really an issue and you simply cannot afford to spend a couple hundred dollars on the home security essentials than simply get a yard sign off eBay, stick it in the front yard and perhaps you will fool the bad guys into thinking that your home is protected!