Advantages of UPVC Double Window Glazing

Advantages of UPVC Double Window Glazing

There are many ways to accomplish reduced energy costs and consumption, and these issues have become ever more prevalent in our recent financial crisis. Many people are trying to find ways to make their older homes more energy efficient, and UPVC double window glazing will inevitably come up in any conversation about improving your home’s energy efficiency.

Double glazed windows are nothing more than two panes of glass that have several millimeters of air trapped between them instead of the traditional one pane of glass. Not only does it add thickness to the windows, increasing their ability to hold in cool or warm air, but the air trapped between the glass also acts as insulation.

The end result is not only a steadier temperature in the home, but also a happier environment. Our homes create around 28% of all the carbon dioxide emissions, mainly through their use of electricity, and we all know nothing uses electricity quite like central air conditioning when it’s having to work overtime. You can lighten it’s load considerably with things like UPVC double window glazing, and like compact fluorescent light bulbs, you will see energy savings with each individual application. If you’re short on money, these types of upgrades are best because you can do them as you actually have the cash, therefore saving the cash for future upgrades. It’s a good cycle to get caught in.

Sound pollution is also a growing concern with homes, especially older ones that are in areas that may have been quiet at one time but are no longer. Internal condensation, which can be destructive to your wall paint and wallpaper, is also limited with UPVC double window glazing.

Other ways to achieve the double paned window effect, besides UPVC double window glazing, are aluminum and wood. There are advantages and disadvantages to all three methods, really, but UPVC is by far the most energy efficient. Aluminum or wood can sometimes look good on an older home, but they’re just not as good at insulating as UPVC. There really is very little reason to choose aluminum or wood over UPVC. Sure, wood and aluminum can also be colored, but outside of very special applications, it’s not likely that you’ll want a colored window border.

Sometimes people care less about energy savings and more about security. Since UPVC double window glazing adds not only an extra layer of glass, but also a pocket of air in between, the windows become much harder to break. Kicking or punching, for many people, simply will on longer cut it. It’s not as easy to break through a window as Hollywood makes it look. Short of something like a brick or a large stone, or possibly someone extremely strong, double glazed windows are nearly impossible to break.

UPVC double window glazing will keep neither all the air in or all the thieves out, but you’ll keep a lot more air in than you did before, and your home will be a much smaller target than anyone else on your street that has regular old windows.