6 features you have to know about split ac 2 ton

Split Air conditioners use a direct expansion air conditioning system with an evaporator and a condenser. The evaporator and the condenser are connected by thermally insulated copper pipes filled with refrigerant to transfer heat from indoors to outdoors. 

Split AC works well in homes without ductwork and is a more energy-efficient system.

Features of Split AC

Check out the top 6 features of split AC: – 

  1. No additional cost

Split AC 2 ton does not require ductwork to function. It works well without ductwork and provides adequate cooling within a small area. It helps to save the cost of installing complete ductwork. 

  1. Available in different varieties

Split AC is available in different types. It is majorly of four types: – 

  • Wall mounted 

In it, the indoor unit is placed inside the room, and the duct cannot be concealed. 

  • Floor mounted 

These are vertical AC and are useful for rooms where you cannot mount the AC on your wall. 

  • Ceiling mounted 

Also known as Cassette type AC, they are fixed on the walls and are concealed, but they need a false ceiling. 

  • Multi-Split AC

These are connected to one outdoor unit. They can be used individually and at the same time if needed. 

  1. Energy Efficient 

Energy Efficient Rating is the ratio of AC’s cooling capacity to its power consumption. A system with a higher EER is good and split AC offers multiple EER ratings to choose from. Opt for the one with a higher EER and it will help you save money in the long run.

  1. More expensive installation 

Split AC consists of two separate units. The installation cost further increases if two separate units must be further installed. Although, they do not require ducts to be installed, so is a comparatively cheaper option.

  1. Dual zone cooling 

Split AC is the epitome of cooling. They come with the capacity to cool multiple zones or spaces simultaneously and allow for independent temperature control in different areas of your home. One can go for opting multiple cooling zones and save cost.

  1. Air purification 

The air outside is increasingly polluted. This requires advanced air pollution and filtration systems to be installed so that you breathe in the fresh air. Some advanced blessed easy come with ear purification and filtration system that helps to remove airborne particles and dust allergy and enhance the overall quality of air in your space.

  1. Quiet operations

Split AC is designed to operate quietly both indoors and outdoors. The compressor unit, which generates the maximum noise is placed outside the building while the indoor unit is relatively silent allowing you to have a peaceful sleep and keeping all the distractions away.

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