How To Get Clients As A Restaurant Cleaning St. Louis Company


A restaurant cleaning St. Louis service is essential for businesses that rely on clean spaces to conduct business. They can help prevent the spread of germs, which may cause employees and clients to become sick.

JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting prioritizes customer satisfaction. Their local cleaning teams in St. Louis are prepared to meet the industry-tailored needs of their clients.

Know Your Market

There are a few key things that most customers want from their commercial cleaning company. These include reliability, quality work, and a professional appearance. Customers also want a well-trained and courteous staff. This consists of both cleaning technicians and office personnel who interact with customers.

A website is an excellent way to showcase your business and its services. It is also a great place to highlight your company’s information, history, mission, and values. A good website can help you build trust with potential clients.

Coverall franchise owners in St. Louis are ready to service many businesses, including office buildings, gyms, childcare facilities, and schools. They can create a custom, industry-tailored cleaning and disinfection program to meet your needs and keep your property clean and sanitized for customers and employees. They can also provide on-demand services, such as electrostatic disinfection. This service is available for various surfaces and can be performed in just one visit.

Develop a Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy for cleaning businesses helps nurture new leads and positions a company as a cleaning expert. This allows the industry to offer various service options and differentiate itself.

Posting content on social media platforms is an effective way to market your business. But this is only one component of a marketing strategy. The rest of the marketing plan involves understanding how to convert social media activity into clients.

Getting clients is an essential first step for any business. Often, the best way to do this is by leveraging existing connections. For example, joining a local chamber of commerce is a great way to meet other businesses that may need cleaning services. Another option is to purchase van signage, which displays your name, phone number, and website on a vehicle. This is an inexpensive and effective way to advertise your business. Alternatively, you can also use pay-per-click advertising to promote your website.

Start Selling Contracts

Once you’ve defined your ideal customer, created a marketing strategy, and established your company, it’s time to start selling contracts. Time-honored customer acquisition methods include:

  • Placing fliers and pamphlets.

  • Contacting real estate agents and property managers.

  • Using classified ads to market your services.

It would help if you also created a menu of the cleaning services you intend to provide. For example, you can offer high dusting weekly or monthly. You’ll need to consider how long you’ll spend performing each task and determine a price that leaves you room for profit.

Bacteria and viruses constantly touch common commercial areas throughout the day. Therefore, hiring a reliable, experienced company committed to client satisfaction and attention to detail is essential. EMS provides quality restaurant cleaning St. Louis for Chesterfield businesses, including office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, and banks. Their professional management team has years of experience and utilizes a unique, results-oriented approach.

Build a System

When it comes to providing janitorial services, it takes more than just cleaning supplies and equipment. To succeed, you need a system that allows you to manage clients, invoices, and more. There are many CRM programs available that can help you do just that. Some even sync with invoicing software, making tracking your finances and clients easier.

A clean, hygienic work environment is essential to any business. Employees are more likely to get sick if they work in an unclean environment, and it can lead to low morale and productivity. Fortunately, a cleaning service can help ensure your workplace is clean and healthy.

JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting provides various cleaning services for commercial properties in the greater St Louis area. Their local franchisees are trained to deliver high-quality service and industry-tailored solutions. This ensures that they are ready to tackle any cleaning challenge you might have, regardless of the size or type of facility.