Plumbing Maintenance Tips You Can Adopt At Home

Pipes at home are of great help in supplying water to bathrooms, kitchens, and other water supply areas. Water pipes are also used in draining used water and sewer away. A single plumbing problem may result in sanitation-related illness and a threat. Also, blocked sewer pipes may result in an uncomfortable odor in the house. Therefore, the pipes in the house must be maintained. Here are some tips you can use to ensure that your pipes and drains work alright.

Inspect Your Pipes

Save twenty minutes in a week to check if there are leaks around the house. Hints of leaks are dumpy walls where pipes pass or if you note that the water is flowing with less pressure than average. Reduced water pressure may mean a hole in the pipes or one of the joints is loose, resulting in leakage. Also, visit the sewer pipes and check if they are intact. The best thing about sewer pipes is that they are hard plastic and rarely cause leaks. However, during winter, they may burst. It is easy to know when sewer pipes have burst because the whole compound will reek.

Have A Plumber Snake

The snake is used in unclogging pipes, especially in the sink. The snake is made of flexible wires that can easily bend through corners. However, it is not long enough to unclog pipe blockages further than a meter. If you try using it and there is still no change, you will have to call a plumber to help you out.

Using Baking Soda

Rusting pipes at times cause blockage in pipes. When added with vinegar, baking soda can help dissolve the rust, paving the water down the pipe. It would be best to mix the vinegar, water, and baking soda and then let it stay in the pipes for a while before flushing it off.

Looking For A Professional Drain Cleaner

Sometimes cleaning drains may be hectic, primarily if you work all week. In cases where you can’t find time to clean, you can hire an expert to do it for you. The cleaners have the necessary equipment to ensure that your draining pipes are clean and unclogged. They also give essential advice on maintaining the pipes before their next visit.

Install A Drain Cover

A meshed cover will help prevent unwanted particles from draining through the pipes. You can put the meshed drain cover in the bathroom drainage pipe or sink. They act like sieves.

Clean The Sewer Pipes

Opening the sewer and cleaning the pipe may seem complicated and smelly. However, you can wear a face mask and clean the pipes. Use a solution of baking soda and soap to clean the pipes. It would help to pour the solution down the pipes until they are clean, not unless you have clogged pipes.

Call The Plumber

When the nature of your pipe is beyond home maintenance procedures, it’s time to call the plumber. In instances where your pipe has burst, ask for San Diego trenchless pipe lining. The pipe linings are installed such that the old pipes are on the inside without leaving any space between them. It is more cost-effective to use pipelining than buying a new pipe.

Have Your Pipes Insulated

Consider insulating your pipes before they are installed. Insulated pipes act as barriers to extreme weather. Pipes can easily burst due to low temperatures. When pipes are insulated, extreme temperatures will not reach the pipes. Also, if you are calling a plumber for maintenance, you can ask them to insulate the pipes.

Ensure both the water and the draining pipes are adequately insulated to reduce the chance of your pipes bursting. Before replacing the new pipe in your sewer pipes, inquire about the pipe linings depending on the nature of the pipe damage.