How Difficult is it to Install Patio Doors? Or, Do You Need a Professional?

How Difficult is it to Install Patio Doors? Or, Do You Need a Professional?

Depending on what type of patio doors you have, there are a number of different installation methods. Installing patio doors yourself can save money and time, especially if you are just removing existing patio doors and installing new ones as the hole in the side of the house will already be cut. If you are going to have brand new patio doors installed that requires cutting a hole in the side of your house, then you may want to hire a professional contractor.

Replacing patio doors or installing doors after an opening has been cut is not that difficult. Expect to spend 5 hours or a bit more to complete the project. Material you will normally require for the project include: wood shims, silicone caulk, nails, screws, interior molding, exterior molding, circular saw, a hammer, and a drill with a screwdriver bit.

1. The first thing you should do is acquire the installation materials and patio doors. You should also have someone with you to provide assistance during the installation process. The glass doors may be difficult to maneuver and place properly. Make sure all of the excess materials of the previous door have been removed.

2. You will now have to measure the precise height of your door and decide where your siding should be cut. The exterior molding must fit securely to the siding. If you are hesitant about cutting, enlist the services of a professional.

3. Now, retract the siding and insert the roofing paper under the siding until the entire area is covered. The roofing paper can be secured using a staple gun.

4. You must now maneuver and position the patio door in the correct place. This is where you may need someone to help you. All sides must be level and then tap in the shims. Secure the door to the frame with screws through the frame at the spot where the shims have been inserted.

5. Nail the molding to the house frame. Most frames will already have predrilled holes so that you will know exactly where the screws are to be drilled. Interior and exterior trim will have to be customized to be equal with what has already been installed.

6. Cut off the shims and install the interior molding. The manufacturer’s instructions should include a detailed diagram of exactly where the shims and screws should be located.

7. Seal the outside joints with caulk. Make sure all cracks and other spaces are completely sealed to prevent water and air from entering.

8. You can now patch and finish any scratched area and add the trim. Many manufacturers will provide special order trim pieces for the outside that match the finish of the door. Fashionable molding and vinyl trim for the interior are available at any home improvement store.

To successfully install a patio door, you must follow the manufacturer’s directions. Installing a patio can be a challenging, but rewarding do-it-yourself project.