Home Building Materials – How to Pick the Best Windows

Home Building Materials – How to Pick the Best Windows

How much thought do you put into your windows? Windows are your connection to the outside world. They provide a light source, fresh air, decoration, beautiful views, access to your neighbors (sometimes whether you like it or not!), and much more.

Of course, when it comes to cleaning them, however, we wish we didn’t have any! Yet, a home without windows is, well, a cave. And, aside from a few Geico mammals, no one wants to live in a cave. But, I’m digressing here …

Facts About Windows

Despite their uses and value, sometimes we don’t put enough emphasis on their quality when we choose windows to build or improve our homes. Let’s look at some things to think about and reasons to pay closer attention to our choice of windows:

Unfortunately, windows can be a source of heat loss or heat gain in the home

They are often a major factor in the design, look, and feel of a home

Windows come in many configurations, sizes, and with varied operational features

They can be made of wood, metals, and plastics

Windows are typically either single pane, double, or triple pane

Windows can have clear panes or gridded (window grilles)

They can be tinted, filtered (low-E, etc.), break resistant

There are stained glass, glass block, obscured vision windows

With all these factors and options, it’s easy to see that the choice of windows can vary dramatically. There are scores of manufacturers and almost as many styles and levels of quality.

What Influences Your Choice?

When deciding upon your window manufacturer you must consider more than just style and cost. For instance, did you know that windows are designed with elevation in mind? Windows for homes above 4-5,000 feet in elevation can sometimes require a different manufacturer.

You’ll want to think about weather issues like temperature, and wind direction and velocity. Of course, if you have some special views you want to capture that should be a primary concern. Your home style, number of windows, quality and size of windows will all factor in to influence your choices when it comes to budgeting for your windows.

A Very Important Decision

You’ll find that you can spend anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands. And there’s a reason for the differences! I hope you get the idea that your choice of windows plays a big role in any building or major remodeling project. Do your research and use the principles and suggestions in this article to guide you.

Get the window specifications and don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions of the manufacturer prior to purchase.