Control Mold Around Windows With The New Super Spacer Windows Technology

Control Mold Around Windows With The New Super Spacer Windows Technology

Do you find yourself feeling better at the office than you do at home? Or perhaps your children happen to have re-occurring unexplained allergy-type symptoms. The problem could be mold-causing moisture from your windows.

Mold is not just that green fuzzy stuff growing on leftovers which have sat for weeks in the back of your refrigerator, or something that can grow in the corners of a damp, cold cellar.

A recent Canadian study has shown that there is a direct link between the amount of mold growth and certain health hazards, and that mold exposure can lead to certain types of disease, beyond obvious allergic reactions. The only way to control mold growth is to control the moisture source.

Mold growth can occur in wet basements, behind baseboards and walls, and via cracks in foundation. The study further shows that mold growth from condensation on windows is common, even in newer homes with newer windows, and mold removal in home situations can be pricey.

The culprit? Poor condensation resistance. Warm-edge window technology, from Super Spacer windows by Edgetech, Inc., is proven to reduce the amount of condensation that collects on windows.

Canadian and Swiss government scientists reported that a Super Spacer vinyl window scored highest in edge-of-glass temperature trials; and thus offers the highest resistance to condensation. Super Spacer’s line of thermal-resistant, flexible-type, edge-seal products combine with the thermal properties of lower coatings, argon gas and multi-glazing to raise edge-of-glass and overall surface temperatures of windows, resulting in less moisture on your custom windows.

Condensation can shorten the life of any insulating glass unit. Seal failures, wood rot, discoloration and fungal growth are all possible and likely to occur.

The result? Expensive repair and window replacement as well as possible health problems for you and your family. When choosing new or replacement windows it’s important to remember to install custom windows with Super Spacer; it can provide other health benefits for your family.

If a home’s atmosphere is too dry or too humid, then lung and bronchial infections start occurring, allergies and various asthmatic conditions flare up and skin conditions became dry flaky. Bacteria and viruses tend to thrive in dry or wet environments.

A Super Spacer window performs at a more optimum 30 to 60 percent relative humidity level. Superior condensation resistance provided by Super Spacer windows spells improvement all around, as higher wintertime humidity levels can be maintained indoors, even in cold, dry climates.

To achieve the best possible health benefits from your windows, be sure and ask your local windows manufacturer for windows with Super Spacer windows.