Childproof Your Home

Childproof Your Home

Parents are always put on guard when their children play outdoors, but in truth, most kid’s injuries take place at home.

10 suggestions on how to make the home safe for children:

1. Fix window grilles on all windows and keep them locked. ensure that the gaps between the grilles are not wide enough for children to slip through. Beware of horizontal grilles – they can turn into ladder steps for children. The same goes for door handles are stiff or jam frequently. These could cause mini crises where a grandparent or small child gets stuck in a room or bathroom because they can’t turn the handle to get back out. prevent such stress by replacing door handles and locksets.

2. Beds should have railings at the side and set at a low height.

3. Chairs and tables should not be placed near windows.

4. Arranges furniture neatly. Active children may hurt themselves when playing in a cluttered room.

5. Children under seven years old should not sleep on double-deck beds as they could fall off.

6. Use socket covers on electrical cords or wires hanging around.

7. Toys with small removable parts are not suitable for young children. Keep an eye on toys that are damaged or broken.

8. If there are stairs in the house, baby gates should be installed at the bottom and the top.

9. Furniture should preferably have rounded edges. Otherwise, cover any sharp edges with corner guards.

10. Rugs or mats should be of the non-slip variety to prevent slipping.