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Sash Window Repair Workshop

Sash Window Repair Workshop

Sash window repair is quite a common phenomenon especially in homes that are fairly old. Over a period of time, these windows get creaky, they start rattling and they can get draughty as well. A good maintenance is all that they need to restore them to their former glory. However this does not imply that sash windows can only be found in old homes. Brand new sash windows can also be installed in modern day homes.

Open up the beauty of your home

Sash windows are truly a lovely addition to a home. However since these are usually present in older homes, most people tend to keep them painted and shut as they generally require some amount of fixing. Handyman services now offer services helping you restore their former glory the modern way.

What kind of repair services can a handyman provide you with?

When it comes a handyman can make them look as good as new in no time. Depending on the kind of service that your windows require, a professional handyman service should be able to offer you complete window renovation, proofing against draught, glazing, taking care of jams, balancing of weight, cord replacement, replacing window locks and furniture and installing sash windows that are brand new.

How is this done?

Any sash window repair always starts with a consultation. Ideally the handyman service that you are employing for the job should visit your residence for a full recce in order to assess the job that needs to be done. While doing this he should be able to examine the condition of the windows in order to judge the state that they are in. Suggestions will then be made based on these observations, depending on the kind of repair word that needs to be carried.…