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DIY Window Repair for Air Leakage

DIY Window Repair for Air Leakage

The winter is a hard time of the year for a lot of reasons. The roads are icy and dangerous, being outside is nearly impossible, and heating the house becomes very expensive. One of the main reasons why heating bills go through the roof in the winter is because of air leaks from windows in the home. Some older windows were built inefficiently, allowing cold air to travel freely from the outside to the inside. There are a few things that home owners can do to their windows to prevent air leakage in the winter.

The least tacky way to prevent air leakage without having all new windows installed is to buy heat trapping drapes for them. Most home supply stores sell special thick drapes that are designed specifically to block cold air from entering the home. These drapes are typically made out of a heavy fabric, and are normally labeled with an energy efficient label. This is a moderately priced way to keep heating costs down.

Another way that people prevent cold air from leaking inside is by taping plastic to the inside of the window sill. Pieces of plastic are cut to fit inside the window, and are taped to the inside to keep the plastic intact. While this may seem a bit tacky, it is a very cheap way to lower heating bills.

The most efficient, yet expensive, way to make a house more efficient is to have window repair in Phoenix AZ. Window repair companies can insulate old windows or replace them for modern windows for a more energy efficient home.…