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The Difference Between Aluminum Windows And Vinyl Windows

The Difference Between Aluminum Windows And Vinyl Windows

Wondering which will win in aluminum vs. vinyl windows battle? It isn’t surprising that some homeowners find themselves torn between using aluminum or vinyl for their windows. The fact is that almost of materials come with their own perks that make them ideal choices for a home. That being said, following are some of the factors detailing how aluminum and vinyl fare against each other.

1) Design

In terms of design, both materials definitely have extensive choices. Vinyl and aluminum are usual manufacture in varying shade of color as well as sizes, making it possible for homeowners to choose the perfect item to match their home. The main difference with these two is that aluminum may be painted over while vinyl usually retains its color with any additional paints.

2) Maintenance

Both vinyl and aluminum, are pretty low maintenance and usually has a very long life even when exposed to elements. However, the aluminum is clearly at a disadvantage here as it may require a repainting job if the color starts to fall off. On the other hand, vinyl manages to maintain its color and, therefore, can remain the same shade throughout its life.

3) Strength

With regards to strength, both aluminum and vinyl are pretty remarkable. Compared to wood which generally rots after some time, vinyl and aluminum are capable of withstanding more climate changes. However, aluminum is actually the window of choice for hurricane-frequented areas. Compared to vinyl, it can be 3 time stronger with less propensity to crack even after high pressure.

4) Insulation and Savings

For those who want to save money with their heat or air conditioning bills, going for vinyl would really help. This is because vinyl acts as wonderful insulation that can provide excellent room temperature without the aid of pricey utilities. On the other hand, aluminum is a definite loss at this point. This is because aluminum is a conductor and, therefore, does nothing in terms of the weather controlling and money saving in utilities.

5) Noise Reduction

Some people believe that vinyl windows perform better in terms of noise reduction. However, this isn’t the case at all and some studies have shown that aluminum fares better at this point.

6) Durability

In terms of longevity, both items are definitely at par with each other. The main difference falls on what damage the window develops overtime. For example, vinyl windows tend to get out of shape after being exposed to the weather while aluminum starts to lose their colorful luster. Hence, it really depends on how an individual would take up the maintenance of these window types.

Of course, aluminum versus vinyl windows showdown is not the only consideration that homeowners must make when deciding on the best window type for their home. The fact is that there are many options available in the market although most homeowners tend to choose between the two mentioned. This is because they are the best in the …