Energy Efficient Windows – Save Energy and Money With These Window Treatments

Energy Efficient Windows – Save Energy and Money With These Window Treatments

Want to save money on your energy bills? You can create energy efficient windows with some simple and inexpensive window treatments. The advantages of having greener windows include cost savings, less condensation, more light, reduced fading on your furniture, helping the environment and shading out any uncomfortable heat. Read our essential tips to make this easy and painless.


You can buy transparent window films that reduce UV rays and solar heat. It acts like sunglasses for your windows. This has two advantages: it will keep you house cool and also prevent fading of your furniture, household furnishings, carpet and wood. Most come in simple peel-and-stick form and you can trim them to fit your windows exactly. There are different window film finishings. For example, pearl transparent window films or slightly frosted finishes give you a degree of privacy while still being able to let in light.


This has to be the easiest fix of all to save energy, if you’re looking to keep the heat out of your home during summer time. During the day, keep your curtains or blinds closed on south or west-facing windows. This will reduce the heat from the sun as it enters your windows in the afternoon.


Hang white curtains on your windows. They will reduce the sunlight coming in and the color white reflects heat rather than absorbing it. Conversely, black or very dark covered curtains will absorb and retain heat. So if you are looking to keep in heat rather than keep heat out, darker, heavier curtains will be a good option.


Plantation shutters cost a little more than curtains or blinds but they are worth the investment as they can reduce the exchange of heat by up to 80 percent. These are shutters which allow you to control airflow and block sunshine.


Honeycomb shades are not the cheapest option either but their unique design allows them to act as insulators, trapping hot or cold air for maximum energy efficiency. They look similar to window blinds and are opened and closed in a similar way, but they have accordion or honeycomb-style folds and are made from soft fabrics. Even when the shades are pulled down, they can be adjusted to allow soft light to filter through into the room, but at the same time giving you privacy from prying eyes.

They come in single, double and triple layer pleats and are also available in reflective coatings to block out the sun in summer.

Hunter Douglas is one of the best known makers of quality honeycomb shades.

By employing these window treatments, you will save money and create a more energy efficient home without having to go to the whole trouble of replacing your windows.