Measure Your Windows Correctly Before Installing Blinds, Curtains or Shutters

Measure Your Windows Correctly Before Installing Blinds, Curtains or Shutters

Shoppers who are ordering window treatments will often make a mistake that is much too common. Whether they are ordering their blinds, curtains, and shutters online or over the phone, they fail to provide the proper dimensions for each window. This usually ends up turning into a time-consuming, but very avoidable mistake. In order to prevent this from happening, it is best to measure each window according to the treatments you plan to purchase.

First, you need to determine whether you are measuring for inside mount, or outside mount window treatments. You secure inside mount fixtures on the interior casing of the window. Outside mount fixtures go outside the window casing. When you are shopping for window treatments, always determine which mount you will need before you measure your window. The measuring process is slightly different for each, so you want to be sure you are using the right method.

Next, you want to take correct measurements for the type of window you plan to cover. Measuring a french door is very different from measuring a standard-sized window. The procedure for measuring a bay window is also different, especially if the bay window has an arch or half-arch to measure. Because each door requires a different measurement technique, it is important to learn how to measure properly.

Usually, these windows are one-of-a-kind so the measurements need to be correct. Any inaccuracies may cause you to be stuck with a window treatment that you or no one else can use, including the retailer.

Finally, you want to keep accurate records for each window you measure. Even if you have 10 windows that look identical to the naked eye, you should number them and keep their measurements separate from each other. This is especially true for inside mounts where the measurement needs to be almost perfect. It only takes a few centimeters for a shade, blind, or shutter to be too tight or too small for the window.

Most retailers will happily assist you when you are ready to measure your windows. They will usually offer instructions online in the form of a PDF manual or video. Some retailers may even help you take accurate measurements by way of live chat. If you are not confident with your measuring abilities, use these options advantageously so you can ensure your window treatments will be correct when you receive them from a retailer or manufacturer.