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Repairing Windows Is the LAST Thing I Want to Do in My Home

Repairing Windows Is the LAST Thing I Want to Do in My Home

Repairing windows in your home is a time sucker. We’ve all have heard the old saying that time is a valuable commodity. Many of us don’t enough have time to clean our homes, let alone perform any minor or major repairs to them. I have many contractor friends who have windows in desperate need of repair in their own homes. If you can believe it, they tell me they could fix their windows however their time is better spent at work earning money. So for all of you do-it-yourself home improvement experts or do-it-for me homeowners, I wanted to weigh in on some alternatives to help you fix your windows.

First, and most obvious, you need to inspect the window problems yourself. For example, one of my potential customers asked how they could fix a leaking window in their house. My initial response was “very carefully”. I wasn’t trying to be smart, and meant it with passion. I explained that finding a leak in a home is no easy task. Water is a tricky element because it can travel from anywhere. However, here’s what I recommended:

1. Look around the exterior of the window. Carefully inspect the siding surrounding the window, window trim and any brick molding. See if you notice any apparent blemishes around the window that would need to be repaired. Most window repairs can be solved with waterproof caulking or industrial sealant depending on where the leak originated.

2. I recently helped an employee fix one of her leaky windows. It was leaking due to the header brick mold pulling away from the exterior of the house. Inspecting the brick mold and exterior trim above the window for potential problems would be a good place to focus your investigation. If you can’t see any visible damage, then you’ll have to remove the brick mold and/or trim to see if there is water damage to the underlayment.

3. Another phase of your inspection would be to remove some siding around the window where you think the leak occurred. Check to see if a proper vapor barrier is installed (which is commonly known as a house wrap) and if the material beneath the siding is saturated.

4. Finally if you’re nervous about removing siding, trim or investigating the problem further, locate a window repair expert company to diagnose the problem.

Even though this example is centering on a leaking window, my point is you need to be careful when choosing the best solution to repair your windows. In order to choose the best alternative for you and your budget, find out if the time, effort and money of inspecting and solving the window problems will outweigh the cost of having a professional window repair company get the job done.…

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Vinyl Windows Design, Shapes And Sizes

Vinyl Windows Design, Shapes And Sizes

Vinyl windows come in all shapes and sizes, and they’ll all do the basic jobs you expect them to — let in light, frame a view and keep out the elements. Beyond that, you’ll want to choose a window that works with your home’s architectural style, whether it’s clapboard colonial, red-cedar contemporary or comfortable eclectic. Looks aside, each type of window has its own personality. Knowing what works best where will help you choose the right windows for any building or remodeling project.

Early builders chose windows according to the number of panes in each sash – six over six, for example, or nine over 12. Today your choices are much broader. Casements, sliders, tilts, fixed glass, and combinations of all these styles pose a myriad of alternatives to the classic double-hung window.

The amount of light any type of window will admit depends largely on its size, but shape and location do make a difference. For example, a horizontal window placed high on a wall may provide more light than the same window turned vertically.

Ease of cleaning is also worth thinking about, especially if yours is a two-story house or if some windows are just hard to reach. A tilt-in or removable sash that can be washed conveniently from the inside makes it a lot easier and safer to keep upper-story windows sparkling.

What colors suit you best?

In most cases, the colors that suit you best are the colors you like best. You should be able to find your favorites represented not only among wall coverings and fabrics and accessories, but also in a range of styles and patterns to suit almost any decorating mood from contemporary to country to traditional.

Window Design Principles

Think of the walls of your home as blank canvases waiting to be painted with light from the sun and views of the outside world. As you consider this ever-changing image for your new or remodeled home, it’s helpful to keep certain principles in mind.

Seeing the Light.

Light — and the shadows created by it – plays a major role in any interior space. As the sun shifts, it subtly changes the shapes and patterns in a room.

Bigger is brighter as far as windows are concerned. This means not just larger windows, but more of them. Arrays of operable sash and fixed glass can reach for the ceiling, stretch wide or even make an entire wall disappear. Ceilings dictate how high you can go, but dropping windows to floor level, or near it, can bring in a lot more light than standard sill-height windows.

How’s the View?

Just as the right frame enhances a cherished painting, so windows — now available in just about any conceivable shape — define our experience of the world outside. Of course not all views are created equal. A wooded ravine, for example, offers more visual interest than the side of a neighbor’s garage — so analyze your home’s best views and orient your windows accordingly.

Step Outside.

Today’s patio doors are every bit as attractive and energy-efficient as windows and come in matching styles and finishes. Top one off with a transom or fanlight or flank it with a pair of sidelights, and you can make a design statement that’s as strong as a well-thought-out front entry.…

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Using Replacement UPVC Windows to Upgrade a Property

Using Replacement UPVC Windows to Upgrade a Property

The current economic climate and the concurrent sluggish housing market have led to many home owners taking the decision to upgrade or restore an older property. And a key decision within many major restoration projects is what to do with the windows.

There are many choices, from repairing and renovating the existing to starting again from scratch. And if your choice is the latter, then consider uPVC double glazed frames which are now a hugely energy efficient and cost-effective solution.

Replacement uPVC windows fit in the existing window mount and are therefore ideal for restoration of a property as they integrate easily into the existing structure. Using replacement uPVC windows to restore an old property will make the house more energy efficient and add to the resale value. Approximately 80% of North West home buyers specifically prefer a house that has energy efficient double glazed uPVC windows.

uPVC windows have excellent insulation properties and contribute to saving considerable energy, with potential heat loss reduced by up to 90% in some cases. The two glass panes of a replacement uPVC double glazed window create what is known as a “solar effect”. The heat from the sun is trapped between both panes, which keeps the heat inside the building and generates considerable savings. This leads to a lower energy bill as there is less need to use central heating or other internal heat sources.

Replacement uPVC windows also have considerable aesthetic value as manufacturers have made massive improvements in recent years. Not only can we now achieve contemporary styles and designs using a range of colours, but technology also now allows traditional designs to be catered for with a stunning choice of options. Replacement uPVC windows can replicate traditional timber framed windows.

This makes uPVC replacement windows the ideal solution to restore your tired and aging windows, whether you are restoring a listed property or a tired urban dwelling. And remember the boost to the overall property value.

Replacement uPVC windows offer a sensible investment and have become a regular and essential addition to the property restoration shopping list.…